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Chocolate Croissant with a melted Brownie? It’s all about Options!

The other day I went to a patisserie in Brisbane in search for chocolate croissants. First a lovely girl apologised profusely that they didn’t have any, but did offer almond croissants instead. No, we didn’t want almond, it had to be a chocolate croissant. Just as we were heading out the door, a colleague proactively Read More

2M Update – Video Translation and Preparing for Attractive Messaging

Cold is with the monkey’s ears and toes. Then travel trips taken away go, and wishes are hopping and trees are wet. Food is sitting with weather flying and TV shows on radios are lazy. Confused? I’ve just used quite a common language – gibberish. Gibberish, or nonsensical speech, must have been around since humans Read More

2M subtitles BHP Billiton Interview

2M recently subtitled a BHP Billiton video of an Interview with CEO Andrew Mackenzie, Chief People Officer Athalie Williams and Chief Financial Officer Peter Beaven. 2M is proud to be providing language services for BHP Billiton including video translations into Spanish, translation services, subtitling & voice over production and takes the challenges of confidential information, Read More

Recently visiting clients in Germany, our General Manager Susanne Creak reported back from the Berlin International Film Festival where she attended the world premiere of the German documentary Sprache:Sex (Sex:Speak).

The 80-minute film places its trust in the power of free expression, the art of conversation and the miracle of the encounter, as sixteen people aged between 13 and 74 speak in interviews about their very own personal views and experiences in questions of sexuality and love. Susanne had the pleasure of subtitling this “talking film” into English for presentation at the renowned festival and to

2M GM's subtitles in Berlinale World Premiere

2M GM’s subtitles in Berlinale World Premiere

celebrate its success with the team. Fantastic work Susanne and we’ll certainly keep you posted if it’s shown on Australian screens!

2M is renowned for its audio and video translations and provides subtitling and multilingual voice over production in over 90+ languages.


Communicating in a Changing World

Recently I had a chat to a member of the marketing department of car manufacturer AUDI, and they took me on a journey into the very near future: no need to reach into your glove box for the instruction manual anymore – you will merely hold your smartphone or tablet in front of the dashboard Read More

Video and Audio Translations

Video Translations and Audio Translations have been in strong demand in these days when the way we communicate is changing on a daily basis. Content such as corporate marketing videos, training programs, webinars, or specific videos for travellers or migrants need to be translated… which format is best? And how should you translate your videos? Read More

Why translations – and what’s in it for your organisation?

“It is a bit like preaching to the converted,” said Pino Migliorino, Chair of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia, casually during his inviting opening address to FECCA 2013.  The conference, held by FECCA in conjunction with the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ) and the Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast (MCCGC) last Read More

2M wins National Multicultural Marketing Award in Sydney tonight

2M Language Services has won this evening in the Export Category of the 2013 National Multicultural Marketing Awards at the Gala Presentation in Sydney. 2M’s Christiane Roll, Director of Sales, accepted the award on behalf of the company: “A great honour to be amongst these top Australian organisations who have shown most creative and successful Read More

Voice-over or subtitling, which is best?

Did you know that Nicole Kidman is fluent in Italian and Russell Crowe’s French is of excellent command? Not really – but it seems like it when you watch dubbed Hollywood movies in countries like France, Germany and Italy. In Holland and Scandinavia on the other hand, our Aussie actors speak English and viewers can Read More