We translate and localise into 250+ languages

Audio & video translation

At 2M we are known for our voice-over talents
and multilingual voice-over production


2M interpreters can assist you with conferences,

business or legal interpreting

Website localisation

website localisation

We translate and localise websites and apps and provide international SEO services

Certified translations

NAATI certified translations traduction certifiées NAATI

NAATI certified translations for Australian authorities, urgent turnarounds available

Multilingual desktop publishing

multilingual DTP

Foreign language publication management from translated to web and print ready collaterals

Software localisation

software localisationTranslation and localisation of software applications for overseas markets

Cross-cultural training

cross-cultural training

Cross-cultural communication, business etiquette training and cross-cultural team building

Export marketing

export marketingInternational trade advice, research and overseas markets representation

Redefine interpreting

About us

2M Language Services (2M) is one of Australia's leading language service providers. Our experienced team works with large corporations, SMEs and government departments on federal, state and local council level to assist them to increase their national and global reach, increase market share, reduce health & security risks, comply with safety obligations and help them meet their KPIs and grow.

Translation and localisation from and into 200+ languages across all industries including advertising, marketing, business, tourism, mining, financial, legal, engineering, medical, information technology, life style, film scripts and literature is part of our services. The 2M Team, however, goes further and works with you to identify, define and understand key issues, offer recommendations and build strategies to successfully enter international markets and get your message across to Australia’s CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities.


About us


Australia's leading language service provider assists you to widen your national and global reach and increase your market share. Take advantage of the detailed market intelligence on export targets or Australia's CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) audiences to cement your presence and guarantee exposure.



Expand into international markets

Our dedicated translation service for the export industry is made of a team of creative & local translators that ensure content effectiveness for your marketing materials. We also provide export marketing services such as brand name/IP checking and international/multilingual SEO.

Book a free 30 minute engagement session with one of our Globalisation Team experts to discuss how we can help you to grow your business overseas with translations & localisation.

Meet our team

Meet our team