Seamless multilingual solutions

Language services and technology for effective & precise multilingual communication at scale.

Language solutions for text, voice and media

2M offers a comprehensive range of language solutions spanning text, video, audio and visual platforms delivered via innovative technologies. Our extensive experience in key sectors allows us to provide specialised linguistic services aligned with subject matter and project requirements.

Translation & Localisation

Solutions and tools for efficient & precise multilingual communications on a global or local scale.

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Video Localisation

Subtitles and voice-overs/dubbing services designed to amplify the reach of your video content.

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2M interpreters can assist you with conference, business, medical or legal interpreting services in 200+ languages.

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Tailored to your industry

Our industry experience is vast, both globally and locally. We specialise in each of the following industries.

We work with

Our client portfolio is diverse and we are proud to support some of the most renown brands in the world in their global operations.

Leading translation technology

We have a number of innovative technology solutions that make localisation seamless and cost-effective


Simplify your localisation workflows by integrating your content management system with our state-of-the-art translation environment.

Send, receive & publish translated content in one click via our translation API allowing you to streamline content updates across multiple languages and for various markets. Reduce errors and speed up project turnaround times by avoiding files export/import and transfers.

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Take advantage of our customised localisation workflows to avoid unnecessary steps that might slow down your projects or require extra work from your end.

From automated custom machine translation to automated quotes our Customer Portal turns into your localisation interface enabling you to consult your ongoing projects, quotes and translations' progress status at a glance. All of it in our encrypted and secure environment to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data.

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Our 2M lingo technology brings all aspects of the interpreting service into one unified platform: bookings, calls, video conferences, billing and data reports all in one place.

Book our interpreters in just a few clicks, scale your operation by adding your colleagues as requestors and oversee your organisation’s entire interpreting calendar and service usage. Our web-based and mobile app also allow you to access On-demand telephone or video interpreters when urgent language support is needed.

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