2M lingo by 2M Language Services

2M lingo is a unified interpreting platform brought to Australia by 2M Language Services that combines all aspects of interpreting management and communication types into a smooth interpretation experience. Our platform comes with a sophisticated built-in interpreter management system and analytics report tools as well as an invoicing system ensuring that all administrative aspects and workflows of interpreting are managed in a one-stop platform. Our system enables video remote and over-the-phone communications as well as interpreting scheduling for onsite interpreting assignments.

2M lingo crowd access allows you to pick an interpreter from our pool of 900+ qualified professional interpreters in more than 200 languages. Most of our Australian-based interpreters are NAATI certified. Your dedicated 2M lingo account manager will help you find the best resource available and assist you with any support query. Alternatively, organisations can have their own interpreter teams or language service providers in the system and manage the platform themselves.

About us: 2M Language Services

2M Language Services (2M) is one of Australia's leading language service providers. Our experienced team works with large corporations, SMEs and government departments on federal, state and local council levels to assist them in increasing their national and global reach and market share, reducing health and security risks, complying with safety obligations, meeting their KPIs and growing.

2M Language Services

With more than 20 years of experience in providing interpreting services for organisations such as corporations, not-for-profit organisations and government agencies, we have identified new ways to streamline workflows and facilitate interpreting services. Our 2M lingo system has been developed by Boostlingo in the US and has a proven track record of success. We bring Australia the latest interpreting technology to help our clients access our interpreting services more easily than ever and to gain efficiencies in their current use of interpretation.

Our interpreting services cover a wide range of setups ranging from conference interpreting to legal interpreting across various industries such as sports, events, conferences, corporate, law or healthcare. Our interpreters are recognised and certified professionals with extensive experience in the relevant industry and set up to ensure that your message gets across smoothly.