interpreter management system

2M lingo interpreter management system

Coordinating interpreter teams and bookings is a complex system and it can be difficult to scale. At times, language service users have not been equipped with the right tools to manage bookings, predict trends or foresee demands. 2M lingo interpreter management system will simplify the complex task of managing interpreters and their availability.

interpreter management system

2M lingo interpreter management system allows interpreter coordinators to easily manage all of their video remote, over the phone and onsite interpreting appointments in a one-stop platform. No more calls to negotiate rates and check interpreters' qualifications; everything is in the system. Simply schedule an appointment and the interpreter management system will automatically point you to the nearest best-qualified interpreter. Manage your expenses through the platform with our invoicing module, review and approve invoices for completed jobs.

A one-stop platform for all your interpreting needs


interpreter management system

Schedule your next interpretation session in minutes. Our filter-based system will automatically appoint the closest and best-qualified interpreter according to your appointment details.


interpreter management system

Real-time data dashboards and logs will give an overview of your interpretation usage and allow you to identify any room for improvement and increase cost-efficiency.


Our role-based interpreter management system allows you to manage your users. Appoint new administrators, requestors or change permissions any time in only a few clicks.


Facilitate your administration management and save time with our API integration. Integrate 2M lingo with your existing invoicing or administration system.

Interpreter scheduling made easy

Streamline interpretation management workflow for on-site interpretation, video remote and over the phone appointments with 2M lingo's robust scheduling management features.

Modules access

One-click access to your modules: data dashboards, appointment management, invoice & billing, configuration and role management.

Quick search

Appointment quick search: filter appointments by status, languages, keywords, communication type and more.

Flexible display

Display your appointments according to your volume, monthly, weekly or daily for a better understanding.

Interpreter access

Perform video remote and over the phone interpreting sessions from the web platform. Enter a scheduled session or look for an available interpreter for urgent language needs.

Simple management

Our simple colour code enables you to spot the appointments that require your attention and need updating.

interpreter management system

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