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Over the Phone Interpreting services (OPI)

2M lingo will drastically cut your language services costs using our Over the Phone Interpreting platform. OPI (Over the Phone Interpreting) from 2M lingo allows users to connect to a qualified professional interpreter within seconds and costs significantly less than traditional onsite interpreting.

2M lingo provides a next-generation cloud-based audio technology connected to a professional language service to offer the best on-demand language support available today.

Access to a phone interpreter within minutes

Through using 2M lingo OPI, you are able to access services and information previously unavailable due to location, limited access to interpreters or time constraints. With access to our 2M lingo crowd of 750+ qualified interpreters, you can address your language needs in minutes via remote interpreting. Schedule a phone interpreter or send a call query to the system to see if a matching phone interpreter is available.

Pre-book a phone interpreter online

The pre-booked phone interpreting service is available for customers to schedule a phone interpreter in advance of an appointment. Pre-booking your phone interpreter will ensure any special requirements can be catered for and that the best available interpreter can be secured for the time you nominate.

Pre-booking an interpreter is recommended when the assignment may be complex, requires specialist knowledge or the availability of interpreters in a particular language is limited.

Pre-booking allows time for background or briefing material to be provided to and studied by the interpreter, so the actual interpreting time is used in the most efficient manner. In many cases, using a pre-booked phone interpreter has proven to be an effective and less expensive alternative to providing an on-site interpreter.

How to access 2M lingo phone interpreting?

Browser Calling

phone interpreter phone interpreting

Access our phone interpreting services from your computer. Select your language combination and get connected to a phone interpreter in minutes or enter a pre-booked phone interpreting session.

Mobile App

phone interpreter phone interpreting

Use our 2M lingo mobile app (available in the iOS app store and Google Play) to perform remote interpreting sessions on the go or in setups where you don't have access to a computer.


Landline Support

phone interpreter phone interpreting

At times, your organisation might have a restricted network or your access to a reliable internet connection might be limited. Our platform offers traditional IVR (Interactive Voice Recording) support for calls made from landlines. Connect to your pre-built number and your call will be routed to our interpreter network.

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