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Last year has exposed the need for organisations to be able to reach their target audiences regardless of language barriers in a swift and effective manner in situations that require urgent communication. However, it is crucial to be able to maintain high levels of quality and cultural appropriateness in the messaging. It is a known challenge to be able to match speed with quality in translation services.

The 2M On Demand app solves this challenge by combining the latest advancements in Neural Machine Translation and Machine learning with its pool of professional and NAATI-certified linguists. Our 2M On Demand app allows its users to access ultra-fast translations of short messages delivered by professional and NAATI-certified translators thus enabling frictionless multilingual messaging for urgent communication.


In order to deliver translations within short timeframes, the 2M On Demand app utilises a Human-in-the-loop approach combined with an allocation algorithm to increase productivity and bypass traditional project management workflows. 2M’s Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology securely pre-processes source data before assigning translation requests to the most suitable professional linguist.

The result is a gain of up to 50% in productivity in translation and ultra-fast delivery times while maintaining high standards of quality and cultural appropriateness. Input from 2M’s translators can then be re-used to train 2M’s NMT engine so that quality improves over time.

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Designed for the mobile world

2M On Demand app is also available as a mobile application available on iOS and Android devices so that organisations can request translations anytime and from anywhere. The mobile application also includes a translation editor so that 2M’s translators can perform translations on their mobile devices and deliver translations on the go.


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Get in touch with us to request a demo.

Download the app from the iOS app store or Google Play:

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