“Yoo gud broblum wid yor foan ?” Discover the Kimberley Kriol language.

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Kriol is a discrete language with its own structure and meanings. It should never be thought of as simply ‘bad English’. Kriol has an English base and may sound like English, but treating it as English will lead to serious miscommunication. The development of Kriol began when people moved into missions and, with so many diverse languages, a common language had to be found for communication. Kriol has a very strong grammatical system of its own, with some of the grammar and meanings of traditional languages and many words from English, and is growing as a strong language in its own right. Kriol in the Kimberley and Northern Territory is different to the creole languages in other parts of Australia, and when full Kriol is spoken it is not understood by non-aboriginal people. 
At 2M we manage translations in Indigenous languages in order to help our clients reach remote audiences. Find below an example of a translation into Kimberley Kriol for the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.



The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman provides an independent and free dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or Internet service in Australia. They wanted to ensure that also remote Australia including the Northwestern Kimberley Region has access to this service and 2M provided the information in Indigenous languages including Kimberley Kriol. An example below how a script in Kimberley Kriol looks like and how important it is to speak the local lingo to get a message truly across.

Phone problems?Yoo gud broblum wid yor foan?
• is your bill not right?
• trouble getting connected?
• mobile not working?
• Yor bill not riet?
• Yoo karnt konnekt broblie?
• Yor moabiel not workin?
The Ombudsman can help with phone and internet problemsBig moabiel an internet boss will help yoo sordem out dat broblem. Thai korld Ombudsmun.
Speak to your phone or internet company first.

Then call us if you are still having problems on 1800 062 058 or visit www.tio.com.au
Tork la yor moabiel an internet kumbunie firs.

If nothing, then ring la this mob on 1800 062 058 or look for them la kompootu www.tio.com.au
You can also ask someone in your community to call the Ombudsman for you.Or yoo kan arskum sumbodie la yor kumyoonudie too ringup an tork la them.
Industry Ombudsman
Big boss for foan and internet.

Indigenous languages have always been of special interest for the 2M team. CEO Tea Dietterich is a former manager of the Kimberley Aboriginal Interpreting Service (KIS) and maintains still today a close working relationship with the KIS team and interpreters.

2M Language Services has a dedicated unit for Indigenous and oral language translations, find more information here as well as specific case studies.

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