Cross-cultural team building

Cross-cultural team building

The mono-cultural team is a thing of the past. The companies and organisations of today consist of staff from the four corners of the globe. Colleagues work in multi-cultural teams either in the same office or across borders. Issues can and do arise in areas such as approach to management, expectations, decision making, planning, conflict resolution and communication styles. It is paramount that clear lines of communication are promoted and cross-cultural misunderstandings minimised if such multi-cultural teams are to function effectively. We are committed to assisting businesses get the best out of their multi-cultural teams through our cross-cultural team building courses.

Cross-cultural team building - benefits

Our top-notch cross-cultural team building course is designed to:

  • Facilitate the building of interpersonal relationships.
  • Foster mutual understanding and respect.
  • Help understand where cross-cultural differences lie.
  • Provide solutions, guidelines and techniques to help the team building process.

The training course consists of areas and approaches such as:

  • Exploring the way in which culture impacts businesses, personnel and team building.
  • Providing self-analysis exercises to help participants identify areas of conflict within a team.
  • Agreeing on team goals and objectives.
  • Addressing the underlying cultural roots of differences.
  • Exploring ways in which differences can be resolved.
  • Establishing strategies for dealing with future issues.

The bespoke approach

Our cross-cultural team building courses are all bespoke. Each one is designed specifically for each client and are delivered following considerable analysis, consideration and planning.

The number of variables emanating from the differences in nationalities, religions, languages, team size, degree of familiarity amongst the team, company culture and other factors necessitate the course facilitator to collect and process large amounts of information. This is then used to tailor the course to the specific needs of the client.

Our cross-cultural team building courses are run by professionals at the apex of their fields, bringing with them extensive know-how and experience in the cross-cultural communications and business fields.

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