Banking & Financial Translation Services

Translation, interpreting & language technology services for financial institutions.

The Finance & Banking language experts

2M has been servicing the finance and banking sectors with professional language services tailored to banks, credit unions, consulting firms, insurance providers, mortgage lenders, and investment companies for nearly 20 years. To assist them in reaching non-English speaking communities, 2M provides a wide range of language services including financial translation and interpreting services into over 250 languages.

This improves greatly their customer service delivery but also helps protecting the interest of the banks & financial institutions and the customers.

Our services assist financial institutions in providing clear communications with the appropriate cultural sensitiveness required to interact with international audiences and  migrant & refugees communities of Australia.

Our company is an active member of the Australian Export Council and work with a wide range of financial services exporters as well as actors of the domestic market.

Industry-tailored language services

Translation & Localisation

Enhancing your multilingual client communications with accurate corporate and financial translations tailored to your institution.

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Video Localisation

Professional subtitling & voice-over/dubbing services to deliver your corporate marketing, media, and financial presentations to global stakeholders and customers.

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Professional interpreters with financial expertise to help you speak in your clients' languages at industry conferences, events, meetings.

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A range of services & linguists specialised in the Finance & Banking sectors

We offer our language services Australia wide and internationally from our global offices in Europe and South America. Our translators & interpreters are specialists in their field and are experienced working with the following types of projects:

  • Merger & acquisitions
  • Contracts
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank statements
  • Investment & annual reports
  • Shareholder information
  • Payroll services

Language technologies and workflow automation designed for small to large scale localisation

Take advantage of our custom localisation workflows to avoid unnecessary steps that might slow down your projects or require extra work from your end.

From automated custom machine translation to automated quotes and content system integration, we have put together a translation & client environment that allows you to scale up your localisation projects and leverage your linguistic assets for cost-effective and fast translations.

We work with

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