Translators for Mining & Resources Industries

2M has been delivering translations, interpreting and other language services for the global mining & resources industry since 1999.

Mining & Resources language experts

Our team consists of talented mining translators and mining interpreters who specialise in engineering, oil & gas, landfill and surface mining, renewable energy, mineral processing, metal reserves and recycling, sustainable fuel sources and geological surveys.

The 2M linguist team translates research documents, company reports, human resources and business communication as well as training manuals and support documentation into 250+ languages. 2M manages the multilingual assets of its Resources Clients with daily output into key languages such as Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese (2M LATAM offices in Argentina), French (2M Office in Paris servicing France, West Africa, Canada, New Caledonia), Russian and Chinese (simplified & traditional) and other Asian languages.

2M also provides mining translation and mining interpreting services into rare and emerging languages as well as Indigenous languages. 2M also produces foreign language AV content through their video translation and subtitling unit and offers technical mining interpreters through their 2M lingo™ remote video platform.

Translation & Localisation

Communicate with multilingual industry stakeholders & customers to scale your opoerations globally.

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Video Localisation

Elevate video content with subtitles & voice-overs that reach international audiences. Deliver multilingual health and safety, and training content beyond borders.

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Professional onsite and virtual interpreting services for any mining event, meeting, or conference.

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Precision, competence and expertise that cover all domains and the entire commodity life cycle

We are the preferred language services company in the mining & resources industry for many of our clients because of our industry knowledge, responsiveness, technology know-how and fit-for-purpose approach for intended workflow processes.


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2M's technical translation and interpreting hub translated more than 3.8 million words last year and provided more than 1300 hours of technical interpreting. We translate training manuals, technical and machinery documentation, websites, e-learning material, instruction booklets, safety manuals, code of conducts, HR guidelines, annual and financial reports, immigration & visa documents, certified (NAATI) translations, and provide technical interpreting for boardrooms, meetings, conferences and remote mining sites.

We work with

Precision, competence and expertise that cover all domains and the entire commodity life cycle

Corporate mining translation and interpreting

Corporate translation and interpreting services support global mining companies stay connected with customers, stakeholders, teams and suppliers. 2M's 24/7 support covers languages and time zones across Latin America, Canada, Africa, Asia and Australia, allowing for timely translation and access to interpreters.

Our translation and interpreting team specialise in the mining & resources industry and have experience translating financial reports, insurance documents, corporate communications, marketing materials, accounting statements and interpreting business meetings, townhalls and conferences.

Technical mining translation and interpreting

Our translation and interpreting services cover the mining ecosystem, from mining equipment manuals and workplace health and safety training to technical reports and environmental assessments.

We understand the importance of technical translation and interpreting for sharing findings, ensuring safety, and supporting international growth. At 2M, we work hand-in-hand with mining & resources companies to ensure accuracy in any language. We also leverage translation memory to speed up turnaround times, maintain consistency and reduce costs.

Operational mining translation and interpreting

Our mining translation and interpreting services support efficient operations at corporate level and onsite. With strict and often technical workplace health and safety measures in place, we understand the importance of sharing accurate information with teams and stakeholders for achieving efficient operations.

We offer a range of customisable solutions to support mining operations. Our 2M Translate™ app translates up to 150+ words in lightning fast turnaround, while 2M lingo™ enables on-demand access to specialist mining interpreters 24/7.

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