We offer interpreting services for 200+ languages including Auslan (sign language) and cover a wide range of setups:

Conference interpreting
Legal interpreting
Medical interpreting
Corporate & business

ISO certification logoCertified under ISO 18841:2018 & 9001:2015

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Our interpreters are NAATI certified professionals with extensive experience in the relevant industry and set up to ensure that your message gets across smoothly.

Whilst translators render a message into another language in writing, interpreters express it verbally. Interpreting services professionals deal with the spoken word or signed languages.

We cover 200+ languages ranging from Australian migrant languages through rare & emerging languages (including Pacific Islands Languages) to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

Our flexible service delivery options allow us to cater for all requirements:

  • Onsite interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Video remote interpreting
Conversational Interpreting

Professional interpreting services

Legal & Court Interpreting

Court & legal interpreting requires its own set of protocols, and the skill set is very different from that of a simultaneous conference interpreter. We provide legal interpreters for all settings.

Our certified legal interpreters work with lawyers, witnesses and defendants to relay information for depositions, hearings and other court cases.

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Healthcare & Medical Interpreting

In an emergency situation, understanding one’s rights as a patient isn’t a luxury; it’s the law. We have been providing NAATI certified and specialised medical interpreters to public and private organisations for more than 20 years.

We work with organisations such as Queensland Health and private hospitals & clinics.

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Conference Interpreting

Are you preparing your next international conference or board meeting and need conference interpreting? We can assist you in delivering your conference or event with multilingual support seamlessly. Rent our onsite conference interpreting equipment, hire our conference interpreters or trial our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting service for virtual events.

Our team have provided conference interpreting services for world summits including UN, NATO, APEC, World Bank, IMF, G20, WTO, CHOGM and EU conferences.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Whispered Interpreting
  • AIIC members
  • Conference interpreting equipment
  • Covering all international conferences
  • Australia-wide and Asia Pacific Region
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Business Interpreting

Facilitate communications with global stakeholders and business partners or improve your domestic customer experience for the non-English speaking audience.

  • Conferences
  • Site visits
  • Trade missions
  • International negotiations
  • Global meetings
  • Call centres
  • Customer services
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Indigenous Language Interpreting

We currently provide Indigenous languages interpreting services, including the Queensland government contract for the Provision of Indigenous interpreting services across all government agencies and private organisations.

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Sports Interpreting

Many sports teams feature players from various countries, and you cannot expect them all to be able to speak the same language. Whether giving a post-game interview or speaking with local reporters about upcoming games, it is important that athletes are properly understood. The best way to ensure this is by hiring a sports interpreter who will not only prevent miscommunication but also help players avoid mistakes when speaking to the media.

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