Interpreting Services in Australia

We offer interpreting services for 200+ languages including Auslan (sign language) and cover a wide range of setups:

Conference interpreting
Legal interpreting
Medical interpreting
Corporate & business

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Our interpreters are experienced and NAATI-certified professionals with extensive experience in the relevant industry and set up to ensure that your message gets across smoothly.

Whilst translators render a message into another language in writing, interpreters express it verbally. Interpreting services professionals deal with the spoken word or signed languages.

We cover 250+ languages ranging from Australian migrant languages to rare & emerging languages (including Pacific Islands Languages) and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander languages.

Our flexible service delivery options allow us to cater for all requirements:

Conversational Interpreting

Interpreting Services

Government interpreting services

Ensuring essential government and community services are accessible to all Australians, including culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) people, is made possible with professional interpreters. 2M is the preferred language service provider for several Australian and New Zealand departments. We have extensive experience providing interpreting services for federal, state and local governments.

We provide equitable access to professional interpreting services for government clients onsite, over the phone, or virtually to ensure interpreters are easy to access when and as you need. Our interpreting services are available for scheduled meetings or on demand if an interpreter is required urgently. We focus on providing tailored interpreting services to ensure your needs and requirements are appropriately met.

A network of 2,500+ NAATI-certified interpreters

We work with NAATI-certified translators who are professionally trained to address the diverse needs within government, maintaining subject matter expertise across medical, judicial, youth and social services sectors and more.

Corporate interpreting services

We help companies worldwide connect with their multilingual customers in 250+ languages.

Facilitating global operations

For businesses eager to enter new markets and established global corporations, 2M has 20+ years of experience to help you expand your customer base overseas and run your international operations. With professional interpreters by our side, we can reach customers and stakeholders anywhere in the world over a range of platforms and channels.

Engaging with Australia & New Zealand multicultural customer base

If you have diverse customers, speaking to them in their language can be crucial to building and maintaining customer loyalty.

2M is trusted by Australasian utility services, banking institutions and telco companies to connect with their non-English speaking customers. We focus on providing professional interpreting services that drive sales and customer engagement.

Professional interpreting services

Legal & Court Interpreting

Court & legal interpreting requires its own set of protocols, and the skill set is very different from that of a simultaneous conference interpreter. We provide legal interpreters for all settings.

Our certified legal interpreters work with lawyers, witnesses and defendants to relay information for depositions, hearings and other court cases.

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Healthcare & Medical Interpreting

In an emergency situation, understanding one’s rights as a patient isn’t a luxury; it’s the law. We have been providing NAATI certified and specialised medical interpreters to public and private organisations for more than 20 years.

We work with organisations such as Queensland Health, Victoria Health and private hospitals & clinics.

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Conference Interpreting

Are you preparing for your next international conference or board meeting and need conference interpreting? We can assist you in delivering your conference or event with multilingual support seamlessly. Rent our onsite conference interpreting equipment, hire our conference interpreters or trial our multilingual web conferencing platform for virtual events and meetings.

Our team have provided conference interpreting services for world summits including UN, NATO, APEC, World Bank, IMF, G20, WTO, CHOGM and EU conferences.

  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Whispered Interpreting
  • AIIC members
  • Conference interpreting equipment
  • Covering all international conferences
  • Australia-wide and Asia Pacific Region
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Business Interpreting

Facilitate communications with global stakeholders and business partners or improve your domestic customer experience for the non-English speaking audience.

  • Conferences
  • Site visits
  • Trade missions
  • International negotiations
  • Global meetings
  • Call centres
  • Customer services
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Indigenous Language Interpreting

We currently provide Indigenous languages interpreting services, including the Queensland government contract for the Provision of Indigenous interpreting services across all government agencies and private organisations.

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Sports Interpreting

Many sports teams feature players from various countries, and you cannot expect them all to be able to speak the same language. Whether giving a post-game interview or speaking with local reporters about upcoming games, it is important that athletes are properly understood. The best way to ensure this is by hiring a sports interpreter who will not only prevent miscommunication but also help players avoid mistakes when speaking to the media.

Leading interpreting services technology

Our unified interpreting platform, 2M lingo™, offers a range of features such as booking and scheduling, on demand interpreting, video interpreting, telephone interpreting and onsite interpreting to meet all interpreting needs.

Interpreter booking

Schedule ahead of time or request an interpreter on-demand on 2M lingo™'s secure booking system, where your data is kept confidential at all times.

Through the interpreter management system, users can make bookings, scheduled or on-demand, for interpreters with specific qualifications. 2M lingo™ makes booking and managing appointments simple in a single integrated system.

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Telephone interpreting

Enjoy professional and uninterrupted multilingual calls at an affordable price with a 2M interpreter over the phone. Our telephone interpreting supports conversations in over 250 languages, every day.

Access our telephone interpreters via our app or from a landline number. We offer customisable IVR services for client-facing telephone interpreting access.

  • On-demand
  • Pre-booked
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Video interpreting

Meet face-to-face with an interpreter from wherever with 2M lingo™'s video remote technology.

2M lingo™ brings to you all the benefits of onsite interpreting at an affordable rate. Video remote interpreting offers a fast and reliable connection to professional interpreters, where messages can be easily conveyed and understood with non-verbal communication cues.

  • On-demand
  • Pre-booked
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