Healthcare & medical interpreting

Healthcare & medical interpreting services

In an emergency situation, understanding one’s rights as a patient isn’t a luxury — it’s the law. With more than 21% of Australians speaking a language other than English, the demand for medical interpreting services and qualified medical interpreters is greater than ever. At 2M we have been providing NAATI certified and specialised medical interpreters to public and private organisations for more than 20 years. We work with organisations such as Queensland Health and private hospitals & clinics.

healthcare & medical interpreting

Our medical interpreters are experienced in the healthcare area and have undertaken specific training to ensure that they deliver information accurately to the patient in contexts that can be sometimes difficult. We cover the main languages other than English spoken in Australia to assist CALD communities in receiving healthcare services and information in their own language. Our medical interpreting services also cover a number of Indigenous & Aboriginal languages.

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Our medical interpreters hold when necessary:

  • Blue Card
  • Yellow Card
  • Valid Police Certificate

We work with state health departments as well as private hospitals & clinics. Our medical interpreting services can be delivered onsite or remotely via telephone interpreting or video remote interpreting through our 2M lingo interpreting platform.

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