Oral language case studies

Reach challenging audiences

Inclusivity is imperative and Departments of Health and Human Services, Federal Police, hospitals and other organisations require translations of oral languages in order to reach certain CALD communities.




    Hospitals have a duty of care for their patients and Mater Hospital is committed to reducing maternity health risks by providing crucial health information to all communities including iliterate audiences. 2M recorded oral language translations into a range of languages to assist the hospital reaching all CALD communities. Languages included Kirundi, Dari and Juba Arabic.


    aboriginal language

    Crime Stoppers Australia endeavours to reduced the crime rate also in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia. To reach all communities, 2M Language Services translated the message into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island languages. As most Indigenous languages are oral languages, these have to be recorded. Languages included Meriam Mir and Torres Strait Island Creole.

    English script: “Do you have information or suspicions about a crime that has occurred or do you suspect someone of being involved in crime? You can report what you know. Crime Stoppers is a community organisation that provides ways for you to report your information anonymouslyRemaining anonymous allows you to overcome any fear of retaliation or becoming involved with court proceedings.  Calls are not recorded or traced.

    Call Crime Stoppers on one eight hundred triple three triple zero, go online to crime stoppers q l d dot com dot a u or download the Crime Stoppers App free from your app store todayYou can help make a difference.  No one will ever know.”





    In order to protect all Australians in regional and remote Australia of ATM theft, 2M was commissioned to produced audio files of ATM pin warnings in a range of Australian Indigenous languages. Language included Kriol, Walmajarri, Miriwoong, Kija (Kimberley), TSI Creole and Kala Lagaw Ya (Torres Strait), Wik Mungkan and others. For oral translations a “plain English” script has to be used, sometimes slight adjustments are required as seen in the sample below:

    Original (plain English) script: “Careful – take care with ATMs. Don’t give anyone your card or PIN number, they could withdraw all of your money. You could be charged a fee every time you use an ATM, even for checking your account balance. Don’t use ATMs too many times.”

    Adjusted script: “Be careful when you use an ATM. Don’t give anyone your card or PIN number. They could take all your money. Another thing is, when you go to an ATM some banks charge you a little money. Banks have distinctive ways. Some banks charge you even if you go to an ATM to see how much money you have. It is good not to go to ATM’s lots of times.



    The Department of Human Service’s mission was to spread awareness of the paid parental scheme within Indigenous communities. 2M provided oral translations as recordings in a number of Indigenous languages including Western Desert Languages Mirrinpath, Walkpiri and Arrente.

    Original english script: “Maybe parents are having a baby or maybe they have adopted someone else’s child from 1 January 2011. If those parents are working, then the ‘Parental Leave Pay’ might be for them.”

  • The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman provides an independent and free dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia. They wanted to ensure that also remote Australia including the Northwestern Kimberley Region has access to this service and 2M provided the information in Indigenous languages including Kimberley Kriol. An example below how a script in Kimberley Kriol looks like and how important it is to speak the local lingo to get a message truly across.

    Phone problems?Yoo gud broblum wid yor foan?
    • is your bill not right?
    • trouble getting connected?
    • mobile not working?
    • Yor bill not riet?
    • Yoo karnt konnekt broblie?
    • Yor moabiel not workin?
    The Ombudsman can help with phone and internet problemsBig moabiel an internet boss will help yoo sordem out dat broblem. Thai korld Ombudsmun.
    Speak to your phone or internet company first.

    Then call us if you are still having problems on 1800 062 058 or visit www.tio.com.au
    Tork la yor moabiel an internet kumbunie firs.

    If nothing, then ring la this mob on 1800 062 058 or look for them la kompootu www.tio.com.au
    You can also ask someone in your community to call the Ombudsman for you.Or yoo kan arskum sumbodie la yor kumyoonudie too ringup an tork la them.
    Industry Ombudsman
    Big boss for foan and internet.
At 2M we acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the Traditional Owners of this country throughout Australia, and their connection to land and community. We pay our respect to them and their cultures and to the Elders both past and present.