Subtitling case studies

Target a wider audience

See below examples of clients whose chosen method were subtitles to increase the reach to foreign language audiences overseas and at home. Subtitles work particularly well with videos that otherwise don’t contain a lot of on-screen text – so viewers can easily follow the information.


  • Freedom Foods is a leading Australian brand manufacturer of allergen free cereals and snacks. The company’s goal was to increase their market share in Asia, and 2M produced Chinese subtitles for a series of their product marketing videos to reach a new and fast growing consumer base in China.


    Carbon Energy is a publicly listed Australian company specialising in underground coal gasification (UCG). The Company’s proprietary keyseam® UCG technology unlocks new energy sources, transforming deep or otherwise uneconomic coal resources into high value syngas. To present their technology to the Chinese market, Carbon Energy engaged 2M with the subtitling of their introduction video in Simplified Chinese.

  • Films and movies screened at international film festivals most often include English subtitles to cater for the many cineasts who may not speak the original language of the film, but have a good command of our world language. See here a short excerpt from German documentary “Sprache: Sex” subtitled into English for German film makers Saskia Walker and Ralf Hechelmann for the premiere at Europe’s biggest international film festival, the Berlinale. (Read more on our blog.)

  • 2M translators translated the subtitles for a series of community safety videos produced for Brisbane City Council by digital marketing & advertising agency Khemistry. In order to ensure that important safety messages also reach Brisbane’s multicultural population and visitors, Council provides a range of videos on their YouTube channel with optionally selectable foreign-language subtitles (also referred to as “closed captions”). See below examples with subtitles offered in Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Vietnamese. To activate them, click on the CC symbol located at the bottom right of the video screen and select the desired language under the Settings wheel.