2M lingo™ Interpreting Platform

Our unified interpreting platform brings scheduling and remote interpreting features into one single app.

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2M lingo™ is an advanced software solution that allows users to manage all their interpreting services needs into a single platform. The app can be used anywhere, for any language, and on any device to book or access on demand a professional 2M interpreter. Our app makes language support access simple, with interpreter scheduling and on demand access options within our highly secure platform.

All you need to get started with 2M lingo™ is a laptop or a mobile device with internet and a webcam. 2M lingo™ brings to you the same high-quality experience with industry-specialising professional interpreters minus the added costs, hardware equipment, and mobility restrictions.



2M lingo™ offers a range of features such as booking and scheduling, video interpreting, telephone interpreting and onsite interpreting to meet all interpreting needs.

Interpreter booking

Schedule ahead of time or request an interpreter on-demand on 2M lingo™'s secure booking system, where your data is kept confidential at all times.

Through the interpreter management system, users can make bookings, scheduled or on-demand, for interpreters with specific qualifications. 2M lingo™ makes booking and managing appointments simple in a single integrated system.

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Telephone interpreting

Enjoy professional and uninterrupted multilingual calls at an affordable price with a 2M interpreter over the phone. Our telephone interpreting supports conversations in over 250 languages, every day.

Access our telephone interpreters via our app or from a landline number. We offer customisable IVR services for client-facing telephone interpreting access.

  • On-demand
  • Pre-booked
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Video interpreting

Meet face-to-face with an interpreter from wherever with 2M lingo™'s video remote technology.

2M lingo™ brings to you all the benefits of onsite interpreting at an affordable rate. Video remote interpreting offers a fast and reliable connection to professional interpreters, where messages can be easily conveyed and understood with non-verbal communication cues.

  • On-demand
  • Pre-booked
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  • Affordable

    Instant access to interpreters at an affordable rate for telephone, video and onsite interpreters. Our automated workflows and remote interpreting technology allow you to get more with less.

  • Hybrid platform

    Book interpreters, manage appointments and track expenses on a single platform. Our system is a one-stop platform for you and your team to manage your interpreting requriements.

  • Secure platform

    Our strict security standards for encryption and secure communication ensures that all your data and history are kept confidential within our secure system. 

  • On demand or scheduled

    Flexible on-demand and scheduled booking available. On-demand sessions are available for telephone and video remote sessions, select a language a get connected with an interpreter in less than 90 seconds.

  • Cross-device

    Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, 2M lingo™ allows you to book or call a 2M interpreter on any smartphone, tablet or desktop device.

  • Optimised for remote interpreting

    Fully flexible our platform offers built-in telephone and video interpreting features and also allows for 3rd party platforms use such as Teams or Webex or directly integrate with it.

Supporting refugees settlement & support through our 2M lingo™ platform

  • Location: Australia wide
  • Languages: Dari, Hazaragi, Persian, Burmese and other refugee languages
  • Method of interpreting: telephone and video interpreting

SSI is a community organisation and social business that supports newcomers and other Australians to achieve their full potential. We work with all people who have experienced vulnerability, including refugees, people seeking asylum and culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities, to build capacity and enable them to overcome inequality.

SSI uses 2M lingo™ interpreting platform to manage its interpreting requirements. Their staff can easily book interpreters or access on demand telephone or video remote interpreters when they need reliable language support to interact with their clients.