2M lingo™ telehealth integrations

2M is integrated with telehealth platforms for convenient access to on-demand telephone or video calls.

Modern interpreting services for a modern healthcare system

2M's leading remote interpreting services are integrated with Coviu and healthdirect Video Call to allow healthcare organisations to efficiently book or connect on-demand with NAATI-certified and specialist health interpreters. The click-to-connect function supports time-friendly multilingual conversations to achieve greater clarity between clinicians and patients. Convenient access to 2M interpreters reduces the need for unnecessary follow up consultations caused by miscommunication, leading to increased patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Connect to an interpreter in seconds

Connecting to 2M interpreters via Coviu and Healthdirect Video Call is simple: Create an account on 2M lingo™ and install the 2M lingo™ add-on in your clinic instance (for HealthDirect users, 2M lingo™ add-on installation must be requested to your telehealth manager). From there you can add our On Demand medical interpreters to your consultation calls without needing a prior booking.

Coviu video telehealth allows health practitioners and allied health professionals to support their patients through access to reliable and experienced medical interpreters. The all-in-one platform ensures healthcare practitioners can provide the highest level of care with integrations with existing remote monitoring devices and practice management software.

healthdirect Video Call is purpose-built for clinical settings. The platform is designed to replicate an in-person consultation, with features such as a virtual waiting room while the clinician is preparing to join. The multi-way video consulting capability makes for simple connectivity to interpreters, health specialists, carers and more.

Empowering clinicians to provide healthcare remotely

Supporting quality care

Simple and uninterrupted remote connection to patients and interpreters allows clinicians to focus on assessing the patient as if they were in the same room. 

Uninterrupted multilingual consultations

Consultations joined by specialist health interpreters trained in providing fluent and productive consultations between clinicians and patients. 

Conversations in confidence

Coviu and Healthdirect Video Call platforms are built for secure and private consultations. Conversations and data shared are stored safely for clinician access only. 

Set up your 2M lingo™ account today

Contact us to find out more about requesting 2M lingo™ interpreters via available telehealth platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is telehealth the same as seeing a patient in person?

Coviu and healthdirect Video Call are sophisticated telehealth platforms that imitate in-person consultations. Each platform allows for simple connectivity to patients and interpreters, so clinicians can focus on providing quality care to patients. 

How can I invite an interpreter to a telehealth call?

In the telehealth platform, you can click the 'invite interpreter' feature. Once you are logged in to 2M lingo™ on the platform, you can select the required language and preferred gender (optional). An interpreter matching the description will then join the call within minutes.

Why do I need a 2M lingo™ account?

With a 2M lingo account, you gain access to 10,000+ professional and specialist health interpreters. 2M interpreters are highly trained professionals who are there to ensure both clinicians and patients are heard and understood. 

Are consultations private and confidential?

All telehealth consultations conducted through 2M lingo™ are safe and secure. Consultations are only accessible to invitees that you select.