2M Translate™

On demand translation app combining AI-driven workflows with NAATI-certified linguists to enable urgent messaging to multilingual communities

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Frictionless multilingual communication with our intelligent translation app

Ultra-fast delivery of short translations by professional and NAATI-certified linguists.

In the new digital world, organisations and businesses must communicate swiftly and efficiently with their target audiences regardless of language barriers. However, it is crucial to be able to maintain high levels of quality and cultural appropriateness in their messaging.

Our 2M Translate™ app allows users to request short message translations by 2M's professional linguists and NAATI-certified translators. Our technology combines smart workflows with the latest advancements in Neural Machine Translation to drastically reduce delivery times for text translation.

Our AI translator app is available on:

  • Computer (browser-based)
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Apple App Store
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Features of our AI translation app

AI-driven translations

The latest advancements in natural language processing and neural machine translation models have opened the path to a more efficient and productive way to translate text into your target language.

Our AI translator app securely pre-processes source data before assigning your request to the most suitable professional linguist. The result is a gain of up to 50% in productivity and shorter delivery times.

Powered by human professionals

AI alone cannot produce human-sounding and culturally appropriate translations. Our pool of professional and NAATI-certified linguists will ensure that your translated content is suitable for publication and conveys the original message intent.

Combining the best of both worlds, 2M Translate™ enables fast translation from one language to another while maintaining high-quality standards.

Ready to use at organisational level

2M Translate™ is designed to be used by entire organisations to allow access to multilingual communication to the required staff members.

Its intuitive role-based infrastructure allows you to invite users within your organisation while managing permissions and administrative rights. You can decide what information your users can access and review the app usage and statistics at an organisational level.

It’s incredible what can be achieved with an internet connection and a language converter app.

Secure & compliant

We understand that your information is an important business asset and must be protected to preserve its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

We achieve this through the highest levels of security and active implementation of controls, including policies, adherence to standards and procedures that are ISO 27001:2005 and CAIQ (Cloud Security Alliance) compliant. 2M Translate™ app is privately hosted on our secure servers in Australia.

Enabling instant access to emergency and disaster alerts

In 2022, Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) selected 2M to develop, test and deliver an AI Translator Solution that interfaces with the EMV CALD-enabled app. 2M’s solution integrates language AI with a human-in-the-loop to translate and instantly deliver EMV's disaster alerts to Victorian CALD speakers.

2M trained several Machine Translation engines to configure an AI-driven solution that produced culturally sensitive output. 2M ensured the output's consistency by integrating a translation memory that leveraged EMV's terminology from past translations.

As testing revealed that some MT engines delivered more effective outputs for certain language pairs, 2M developed an MT aggregator solution to ensure the highest quality translation outcomes of EMV's emergency and disaster alerts.


FAQs about our AI translator app

How do AI translator apps work?

AI translator apps employ various techniques to understand and translate languages, including neural machine translation (NMT). They use deep learning algorithms to analyse patterns and context in the input text or speech and generate corresponding translations based on large amounts of training data.

Unlike other AI translators on the market, every translation generated on the 2M Translate™ app is verified by a NAATI-certified translator to ensure cultural appropriateness and linguistic accuracy before delivery to our customers. 

Can AI translator apps translate written text?

Yes, AI translator apps can translate written. Either type or copy and paste text directly into the 2M Translate™ app and it will provide an appropriate translation in the target language in minutes. 

Every translation produced by the 2M Translate™ app is verified by a NAATI-certified translator before delivery. 

Do AI translator apps require an internet connection?

Yes, 2M Translate™ relies on an internet connection to access the necessary computational power and language databases.