Personal document translation (NAATI)

NAATI certified translation services recognised by the Australian Government.

What is NAATI?

NAATI is the National Authority for Translators and Interpreters in Australia. It aims to maintain high national standards in translating and interpreting professions by issuing the NAATI certification to industry practitioners i.e. only a NAATI-certified translator is able to issue NAATI-certified translations.

In doing this, NAATI can increase the number of translating and interpreting professionals in Australia who are responsive to the changing needs and demographics of Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse society and, in turn, maximise people’s ability to engage and participate in Australian society.

Our team of NAATI-accredited/certified translators assist people with certified translations for their administrative processes. We often translate crucial documents like:

  • Drivers licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Police certificates
  • Passports
  • Diplomas and university documents
  • Business and employment documents

Learn more about our NAATI-certified translation services below, contact us for more information or order a certified translation below. Our prices are incredibly cost-effective to ensure our NAATI-certified translations are accessible to all.

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Standard 1 page document

This includes:

  • drivers licence
  • birth certificate
  • police certificate
  • passport
  • 1-page diploma
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Various pages or more than one document

Do you require NAATI certified translation of several or long documents?

Please send us your documents for assessment and a member of our team will get back to you with a quote.

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Self-service translation

Translate your personal document on the AcudocX platform. In 24-48 hours' time, your translated document will be NAATI-certified and ready for use.

This translation service is recognised by the Australian Government.

Supported languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Persian
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Thai
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Why do I need a NAATI certified translation?

If you have documents that were issued in another country and need to be translated into English for submission to an Australian Government department (e.g. the Department of Home Affairs), the translation should be completed by a NAATI-certified translator.

These linguistic professionals go through an in-depth certification and testing process that is highly regulated to ensure you receive an accurate translation that is recognised by most government bodies.

Here are a few examples of when a NAATI-certified translation would be required.

  • If you plan on driving while visiting Australia, you will be required to have a NAATI translation of your driver’s licence.
  • If you plan on studying in Australia or applying for school in Australia, you will need a NAATI translation of your diploma and/or academic transcripts.
  • If you plan on immigrating to Australia, you will be required to have NAATI translations of all official documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates and citizenship documents.
  • If you plan on starting a business in Australia, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade will only accept documents that have been translated by a NAATI-approved translator.

NAATI-certified translations are recognised by:

  • Department of Home Affairs
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • State registries of births, deaths, and marriages
  • Passport office
  • Immigration & Citizenship office
  • Road and Traffic Authorities (except NSW)
  • Courts of law

Documents that may require NAATI-certified translations:

  • Visa application documentation
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Police clearances
  • Bank statements
  • Certificates of good conduct
  • Identity and Citizenship documents
  • University degrees and school diplomas
  • Academic transcripts
  • Medical reports
  • Custody agreements
  • Import/export permits
  • Citizenship certificates
  • Passports
  • Driver’s licences
  • Wills
  • Evidence of de-facto relationships
  • And more.

Why should I choose 2M Language services as my NAATI-approved translator?

Here at 2M, we’ve translated and certified thousands of documents from over 250 languages into English — from driver’s licences to birth certificates, academic transcripts, medical certificates and more, we have helped thousands of individuals pass their documents through Australian Government departments with ease.

All of our Australian translators are NAATI certified as required by the Department of Home Affairs, and all hold a recognised graduate qualification in translation from an institution of higher education (or a recognised qualification in any other field and five years of full-time professional experience in translating).

Our NAATI-certified translators are also sworn to a strict Code of Ethics — all of your documents will be treated sensitively and confidentially at all times.

We have fast become one of the leading suppliers of NAATI-certified translation services in Australia thanks to our dedication to accuracy, confidentiality and quality. We are proud to be certified for the following standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems)
  • ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services)
  • ISO 18841:2018 (Interpreting Services)
  • ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System).

These globally recognised standards attest to our ability to deliver core services to the highest possible standards. For more information about our NAATI-accredited translators in Australia, contact us today.

FAQs about our NAATI-certified translation services

Why won’t some government departments accept non-NAATI issued documents?

Each government department sets its own requirements. For more information about acceptable translations for a particular department, we recommend contacting the department directly.

Do all documents need to be NAATI certified?

All official documents that were issued overseas need to be translated into English by a NAATI-certified translator to pass through Australian Government departments e.g. the Department of Home Affairs, the Immigration & Citizenship Office, etc. Each department has different requirements, so we recommend learning more about acceptable translations and requirements per department.

Can I send multiple documents to 2M at once?

Yes. We can provide NAATI certification for single documents, several documents and/or long documents. Please send us your documents for assessment and a NAATI-certified member of our team will be in touch with a quote.

Do you have a self-service option?

Yes. Using our AcudocX online translation service, you will receive your NAATI-certified translation within 48 hours of submission. A NAATI-certified translator will review your AcudocX translation to ensure it has been completed and is 100% accurate — plus, the Australian Government recognises translations that were completed by AcudocX.

Please note that AcudocX currently only supports Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Persian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Thai to English translations. We will be adding additional languages to AcudocX but in the meantime, our standard NAATI translation service is available.

How do I get a NAATI-certified document?

At 2M Language Services, getting a NAATI-certified translation is simple. Choose from our three NAATI translation services:

Standard 1 Page Document — Order standard and urgent NAATI translations online now or select our self-service option from just $24.95.

Various Pages/More Than One Document — Submit your details and documents for a personalised quote. We will calculate the cost based on the length of the document or the number of pages that require translating.

Self-Service Translation — Select a language, upload your documents, provide additional details and make a payment online. We’ll provide a NAATI-translator reviewed and certified translation within 48 hours.

Submit documents online for secure NAATI-certified translation now, or get an obligation-free quote for multiple documents today.