Self Service Translation

Translate personal documents at an affordable price with our AcudocX platform. All translations are certified by a NAATI translator.

Receive your NAATI-certified translation within 48 hours of submission starting from $24.95* per document

*Plus service fee of 5% plus $1.75

What is AcudocX?

AcudocX is an innovative online translation service that cuts down on wait times by allowing individuals to translate their own personal documents. Simple to use and accessible at a fraction of the cost for traditional document translations, individuals can complete their own translations within minutes. A 2M NAATI-certified translator will review your AcudocX translation to ensure completeness and accuracy of the translated material. The Australian Government recognises translations completed by AcudocX as certified.

Please note that we currently only support French, Hungarian & German into English translations on AcudocX. More language options will come, in the meantime, you can still use our standard NAATI service.

A step by step guide to AcudocX

Follow the step by step guide below to learn how to use AcudocX.

Select language 

Upload a document or image to begin translation

Select relevant fields from source document

Enter translations into the fields

Make payment and submit the translation to 2M

Revision and certification by a 2M NAATI translator

Customer downloads final certified translation

Frequently Asked Questions