Software localisation

Software Localisation

Software localisation enables you to export your software or your app to international markets and thus increase your sales. The process of translating the text and adjusting the functional elements of a software application for use by overseas markets globally also includes adaptation to regional differences and technical requirements. Streamlining the process and the translation tasks is crucial. Use of search and database technologies avoid inefficiencies and reduce the time required by developers and tech pub editors to manage changing content in source files, help, and manuals.

software localisation


2M has a track record in providing software localisation for international companies, including mobile apps and games.

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Software localisation includes:

  • Source Files: ResX, ASP .Net, Java, XML, PHP, RC, VB, String Tables, etc.
  • Binary Files: DLL, EXE, OCX, RES, etc.
  • Dialog Box Resizing, Build, Compilation
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Screen Capture, Crystal Reports.

API integration & smart workflows

For clients that have regular requirements and to reduce internal workload, we can connect your software's content management system to our translation environment system via an API integration. This allows you to send content for translation without the need to export files and reimport translations in your system. We can create tailored workflow solutions depending on your requirements and the type of system that you are using.

Some of our software clients

2M has been providing software localisation into Pacific Island languages including Maori for Microsoft products.