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Professional Sydney translation service covering 250+ languages and regions.

Scalable Sydney translation service

2M Language Services provides reliable and affordable translation services in Sydney. Our services are trusted across Australian Government departments, small businesses and leading corporates and organisations. With an agile service approaches, 2M works as an extension of your team to efficiently service your translation requirements.

Explore our services:

  • Official documents
  • Website localisation
  • Contracts
  • Technical documentation
  • Health & safety handbooks
  • Personal documents
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Brochures
  • Press releases

Why choose 2M

When you speak the language of your audience, you build relationships. At 2M, we work with you to curate a translation strategy that meets your objectives and your audience’s needs. Whether it’s forging strategic partnerships, expanding your customer base, or enabling time-critical language access to your information and resources, we have the expertise and solutions to help. Contact us to talk with our translation experts.

Continuous quality

2M translators are professional and NAATI-certified with specialisations in a range of industries. We support our translators through advanced quality assurance processes to ensure quality within a single or series of translations.

On-time delivery

We apply advanced translation technologies to support quick and error-free translations. Supported by 24/7 servicing, our team is even equipped to turn around urgent translation requests in record time.

Data security

Your data is important to us. Our sophisticated translation management system meets ISO 27001 requirements and protects over 1000+ clients' confidential information, including the Australian Department of Defence.

Industries we service

Thanks to our translation specialists, our Sydney translation services is available to a range of industries, including Government, Mining & Resources, Manufacturing, Defence & Security, Banking & Finance, Medical & Healthcare, Agribusiness & Food, and International Education.

Government and Community

Government & Community

Everyone has the right to access essential information and services in their own language. We work with several Australian Government departments and community organisations to make important resources available to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences. 

2M's NAATI-certified translators are available to ensure your information reaches and resonates with the community. See which languages we service here.

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Mining and Resources

Mining & Resources

We are BHP’s Global Language Service Provider. 

2M provides specialist mining translation services in fields of engineering, oil & gas, landfill and surface mining, renewable energy, mineral processing, metal reserves and recycling, sustainable fuel sources and geological surveys. 

Our expertise lies in corporate, technical, and operations subjects. Get in touch for a quote or to learn more about our translation services for the Mining & Resources industry.

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Defence and Security

Defence & Security

We support a range of defence systems, including intelligence, satellite, navigation, defence technology, laser technology, vehicle, surveillance, weapon and thermal imaging companies for clients, including Rheinmetall Defence, the Australian Department of Defence, Thales, Airbus, and more. Our defence specialist translators are experienced in technical documentation, datasheets, training materials, equipment manuals and more.

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Banking & Finance

Making financial documents available in languages other than English is essential to connect with investors, customers, and advance customer service. By tailoring information and services to meet your customers’ needs, you ensure trust and loyalty. 

We can help you translate service brochures, financial and legal contracts, annual reports, shareholder information, and more in over 250 languages, thanks to our specialist finance translators.

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Medical & Healthcare

Do you need to reach non-English speaking audiences? We have the translation knowledge and cultural expertise to help you enable access to healthcare information and services. Our experience covers medical translation in the fields of clinical research & trials, Med Tech and medical devices, insurance, pharmaceuticals, regulatory compliance, and veterinary.

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Food and Agribusiness

Food & Agribusiness

Improve your customer service delivery and reach international customers through 2M’s agribusiness and food translation services. We help companies in Sydney to translate marketing collaterals, websites, export/import permits, annual reports, HR and payroll services, and internal corporate communications.

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Explore our range of translation services

2M's Sydney translation service is a first choice for many clients because of our expertise, experience, and excellent customer service. Operating on a Follow the Sun customer service model, we guarantee your translation enquiries will be expertly addressed by 2M's expert team at any time of the day.

Document translation service Sydney

Servicing over 250 languages, we expertly translate official government and corporate documents of any word count and format. To find out more about our translation service in Sydney, submit a translation enquiry.

Technical translation service Sydney

We work with small and leading companies within the Mining & Resources, Scientific, Medical and Defence industries to translate equipment manuals, health & safety handbooks, scientific reports, and more with precision, accuracy, and consistency thanks to our native-speaking subject matter experts.

Marketing material translation service Sydney

Communicate, educate, and sell to global audiences. Marketing translation often involves transcreation to not only translate the text, but also convey the marketing message in another language in a culturally sensitive way. In some cases, this means working with nuances and idioms in the language, which may not necessarily be translatable. At 2M, we can help you take your advertising and marketing messages to another market.

Website localisation Sydney

Specialised localisation services to bring your website to another locale and culture. We have over 20 years' experience translating webpages and full websites and formatting for different languages and regions. Get in touch to learn how we can create an excellent user experience for your multilingual website visitors.

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Software & app localisation Sydney

Smart workflows to power the translation, regional and technical adaptation of your software or app. At 2M, we understand the importance of adapting your software and app content to the specific needs of each region and culture. Our software and app localisation service keeps the end-user in mind at each stage, including during final testing or validation of each language version.

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Video game localisation Sydney

Launched in 2022, our video game localisation service makes your game look and feel like it was made for a specific audience. We help you to expand your gaming audience, build gamer retention, and build revenue streams. If you choose to work with 2M, our experienced project managers will work with you to create a customised localisation strategy to introduce your game to any region.

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Video localisation Sydney

Want to transform your video content for a new audience? 2M's dedicated multimedia unit is experienced in translating and preparing subtitles for films, government and corporate communications, marketing, e-learning, health & safety modules. With a team of technical and creative translators behind us, we can support a variety of language and stylistic options depending on your preferred video platform.

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Personal document translation (NAATI) Sydney

Our self-service translation platform supports quick and cost-effective translations recognised by the Australian Government. We translate the following official documents:

Drivers licenses
Birth certificates
Police certificates
Diplomas and university documents
Business and employment documents

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Language Quality Assurance

2M’s expert Sydney translation service is supported by advanced technology-driven approaches and tools. We engage specialist, professional and NAATI-certified translators to achieve error-free translations, while utilising a Language Quality Assessment Platform and other technology tools to ensure translation quality and consistency across translated products.

Experience and Expertise

Efficient translation management

Translation projects are completed within our secure translation management system. Our technologies assist with the efficient delivery of translations.

Our secure translation management system enables full control and transparency over translation projects. You have full visibility of the translation process from start to finish, plus access to give feedback to ensure your message translates the way you want it to.

Translation memory (TM)

Translation memory (TM) supports our translation management by analysing content to identify any previously translated terms or segments for potential reuse. This saves costs by creating repetitions, optimises time, and ensures consistent content across all required languages.

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Machine translation

Tight deadlines? Low budget? Machine translation uses Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology to produce high-quality output to meet your project deadlines within budget. As an automated technology, our machine translation system can apply your adopted terminology or access content on a private engine.

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Content connectors

Integrate your CMS with our translation environment for automated and efficient file transfer. With 2M's content connectors, scaling your multilingual communications becomes simple.

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Security and compliance

As a translation provider of many high profile clients in Sydney, we have the responsibility to keep confidential data and information secure. Our cloud-based translation management system offers customisable and multi-layered security options.

ISO compliant

2M holds multiple ISO certifications demonstrating our commitment to providing excellent service and data protection options.

  • ISO 27001:2013

    2M exemplifies excellence in the way we handle confidential assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data, and information entrusted by third parties. 

  • ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

    2M meets ISO 17100:2015 requirements for the core processes, resources, and best practices necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service that will meet client expectations. 

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

    2M demonstrates consistent translation services which meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, while actioning methods to enhance customer satisfaction through system improvements and the assurance of conformity to customers. 

  • ISO 18841:2018 Interpreting Services

    2M meets ISO 18841:2018 standards of quality interpreting services with demonstration of best practice. 

Ready for a free quote?

Contact us to receive a free quote on our Sydney translation services. Simply enter your translation requirements and one of our friendly project managers will be in touch shortly.


What file formats can you translate?

We can translate many file formats, including Office, desktop publishing, web and software.

File formats we support (non-exhaustive list):

  • .htm, .html            
  • .xml
  • .yaml
  • .pdf                        
  • .xliff
  • .ppt, .pptx            
  • .xls, .xlsx
  • .csv
  • .doc, .docx            
  • .indd, .idml
  • .txt
  • .dita
  • .json
  • .resx
  • .svg
What languages does 2M translate?

We translate into over 250 languages, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. See which languages we translate here. If the language you are looking for isn't listed, reach out to our team as we might be able to help. 

When will my translation be delivered?

We can advise timelines after assessing the source text. Generally, delivery time depends on the type of project, word count, formatting requirements, and language combinations. If the project is urgent, we offer urgency loading to support quick turnaround.

How much does a translation cost?

It depends on the document type, word count, language combinations, and delivery urgency. We recommend getting a quote to understand the approximate price of translation.

How do you ensure quality?

We take quality very seriously. 

Firstly, our translators are hired according to ISO 17100 standards and therefore are highly educated, experienced, and certified in Australia. 

Secondly, translations undergo review by an independent translator to assess the accuracy, appropriate use of terminology, and consistency in the text.

Lastly, we run translations through our Language Quality Assessment Platform to verify previous quality checks. 

As part of our quality guarantee, our systems are continuously evolving thanks to regular data analyses.

Who are your translators?

2M translators are hired under the ISO17100:2015 Translation Services standard. With over 4000 NAATI-certified and professional linguists in Australia, we can identify the most suitable translator based on experience and specialisation for your project. 

Is my data safe?

2M stores client data safely within a defence-grade translation system, compliant with ISO 27001:2013. 

We use a range of cloud providers for our systems including Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Exchange/Azure and Secure-ISS. These are compliant with a wide range of security standards including SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3, FISMA, DIACAP, and FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018.

We use a third-party payment provider that is PCI DSS compliant.

What is localisation?

Localisation (L10n) adapts a document, website, mobile application for an audience based in another region, country, or representing a different culture by leveraging cultural knowledge of the target audience. 

Are your translations certified?

2M works with highly-trained NAATI-certified translators. For documents requiring certification, we can provide translators in over 250 languages. 

How can I order a personal document translation?

Click here to learn more about our self-service translation and to order a personal document translation. This quick and easy service allows you to order and receive a NAATI-certified document within 24-48 hours starting from $44.95 per document. 

How do I get a quote?

For a free quote, submit a translation enquiry outlining your translation needs and one of our project managers will get back to you as soon as possible.