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Website translation services & localisation

Our website translation services include comprehensive website translation & content localisation (digital output including your videos, multimedia content, white papers, eBooks and any other digital content), final proofing online, registration with country-specific search engines and international SEO including translation & localisation of all keywords in meta tags and meta description. We also offer system integrations with our translation management system to streamline workflows and reduce costs (ideal for global sites with regular content updates). See some of our website localisation clients websites, translate your website with us to make sure you got all of these aspects covered.

Do you want to go global and translate your website or app? We offer:

  • Digital content localisation into all languages
  • Handling of all desired file formats
  • CMS Integration (connection to client CMS)
  • WordPress Integration
  • Keyword localisation and research
  • Keyword mapping and meta tag creation
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Why should you translate your website?

Research shows that three-quarters of the online audience prefer and seek content in their native language. In order to conquer international markets, your website needs to become a powerful tool that transmits your brand experience to your international clients. Today’s clients are competent, mature and demanding. The expectation is to get information in their own language otherwise they won’t buy. 2M provides the linguistic, cultural and marketing expertise to ensure your website reaches and communicates with your customers.

translate your website

If you have a monolingual website, only a fraction of potential customers will visit your website. If you are not using professional website translation services, then you risk that your message does not get properly across your global audiences. Your competitors have a clear advantage as people prefer to purchase products in their own language. With the translation of your website, your content will be read by millions of potential clients who otherwise never would have come across your website.

Another deliberation is if your website is an integral part of your business model, i.e. if your sales occur predominantly through the website. If yes, you have a strong business case to translate your website as you will be able to note increased sales if you employ the right international SEO (read our blog on international SEO).

Localisation of your content

Translate your website to achieve global branding, localise it to boost target audience engagement. The goal of content localisation is that your website connects with your international markets. That means your website should be translated (sometimes re-designed) according to the different cultures, customs and languages of your global audience. 

Website translation

Process of changing an original (source) language version of web content such as text, multimedia, ebooks, or apps into a different (target) language by simply substituting words from one language to another—in context.

Website localisation

More specialised process of adapting your web content and applications for regional—or local—consumption. It goes beyond translation to modify the source language and other site elements to appeal to the customer’s cultural preferences in their own target language.

Before you translate your website

Identify first what needs to be translated for that particular audience. Not everything is relevant for each particular market. Most important is that you keep in mind the customer experience and what’s pertinent for the customer journey. Furthermore, you need to think about what you want to achieve with that market. This way costs can be reduced and the results are targeted and high. We gave away more tips in our website translation and international domain structure blogs.

Website translation services technology

Talk to us in order to build the best solution for your multilingual website. Either using a translation proxy if you don’t have the infrastructure to host several language versions, or creating a translation API so your team can keep using their same workflows or automate integration with connectors to the content management systems you are already using. Finally, never pay for an already translated segment twice. We keep a translation memory for you that offers an efficient way to reuse translated content wherever it appears again in your website. This can cut up to half of your translation costs and achieves consistency throughout your new multilingual website.

2M runs a dedicated state-of-the-art integrated translation memory environment tool, the memoQ Server, and CMS connector technology. These tools ensure terminology consistency, enable fast turnaround times, fetch automatic updates and offer competitive rates as repeating text is not counted. 2M translators and post-editors can also work with sophisticated translation software including Machine Translation (MT) plug-ins for certain technical translation projects integrating a rigorous QA procedure.