International SEO

International SEO

International SEO or multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the localisation of your domestic SEO strategy to your target markets in order to grow your website traffic globally in these specific areas you are targetting (read our blog on International SEO and where to hide a dead body). In order to optimise your website for foreign search engine performance, you need to have it translated and localised. Ideally, you will define your international SEO strategies prior to undertaking the actual website translation; this will enable you to define your target keywords and implement them for search performance in your localised content.

Why do I need international/multilingual SEO?

Same as in your domestic market, a person using a foreign search engine such as Baidu, Yandex or Naver or foreign versions of Google will rarely go past page 1 of the search results. If you have only recently built a multilingual version of your website without taking measures to ensure it can be found, you are unlikely to see significant changes in your global traffic. This even happens with international websites that have been around for a while.

Optimising SEO for markets such as China or Korea needs another approach as the popular search engines Baidu and Naver have different ecosystems. Our Chinese SEO and Korean SEO experts provide on and off page strategies to ensure your sites are ready to perform on these fast-growing markets.

Appear in the top search results for your target markets

By applying multilingual SEO on your foreign versions specific to your target market, you will not only notice an increase in global traffic, but will also attract more relevant audiences that are more likely to generate leads and sales.

Our international SEO offer

In order to improve your search rankings in your target markets, we conduct up-front research and analysis to define the best strategy to implement in the localised version of your website. Our international SEO offer may comprise the following components:

Target market definition and current SEO assessment

International SEO targetting

Together with the client we define the markets and segments to take into account particularities such as language, local terminology, culture, consumption trends etc. This is then reflected accordingly in the keyword strategy. We conduct a small SEO and online presence assessment of your domestic website to identify your potential for global search performance and to detect any possible issues.

Target market research

multilingual SEO research

Based on your product/services offering, we analyse current results in search engines and establish a market analysis which includes search competitiveness and competition analysis. This helps us to define our keyword strategy and to identify opportunities to improve ranking performance.

Keyword research

multilingual SEO keyword research

Working with our team of linguistic experts, we conduct the keyword research in foreign languages based on the search analysis and define which keywords and combinations are best to focus on according to your potential and your goals.

Technical SEO optimisation

technical international SEO

As part of our holistic approach, we conduct strategic technical SEO optimisation tasks on your sites to ensure they comply with technical best practices whilst at the same time remaining future-proofed against upcoming changes across all targeted platforms.

Implementation and content optimisation

multilingual SEO integration

The focus keywords are then implemented in the localised content strategically for search performance. We optimise headings, meta descriptions, alternative texts, anchor texts, keyword densities.

Off-page SEO & content marketing

off page international SEO

Your domain authority and the quality of websites that are referencing your content have a critical impact on SEO. We help you to create strategies that deliver attractive and useful content for foreign markets to ensure your brand remains at the forefront of search results.