Voice-over & subtitling services

Our video localisation services will amplify your content so that your message can reach the crowds.

A variety of original foreign voice talents
Native speaker quality
Subtitle files creation
Transcription service
Competitive pricing & fast turnaround

Video translation services, voice-over & subtitles

Communication is about so much more than just words. We not only ensure that your content is translated, with cultural appropriateness, but that it resonates with your target audience, with localisation.

The requirements in video localisation are varied depending on the context, your in-house capabilities, your target audiences and the platforms you want to use to broadcast the video material.

This is why our video translation services offering covers different components and techniques of video translation, and this allows us to be flexible with regards to your project and your budgets.

video translation services

Our audiovisual localisation services


2M’s dedicated Subtitling Unit produces captioning and subtitles into 200+ languages. 2M provides subtitles in a range of file formats (e.g. SRT, WebVTT, PAC, STL etc.), or a finished video with the subtitles permanently burned-in.

  • Social medias
  • Government
  • Mining
  • Life sciences
  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • IT & technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Corporate communications
  • Entertainments
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We use foreign language voice talents from around the world to provide our customers with the most diverse and highest quality products available. All voice talents are native speakers and experienced language professionals.

E-learning materials & education courses
Virtual Reality
Broadcast & filming industry

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We accept 30+ file formats and our transcription service handles interviews, conferences, post-production scripts, academic research and financial briefings.

Our transcription services cover 200+ languages .

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Audio translation

We cover translations into a range of languages that do not exist in a written form. These include certain African, Asian, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island as well as other Indigenous languages.

The English source text is adapted to an oral script, translated and then recorded by 2M foreign language voice talents in our studios.

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