Video translation and subtitling

Web videos and video translation are the future of content marketing

In 6 years’ time you won't be reading this content anymore, but you will be watching it. Online video and therefore video translation are on the rise and will be the most important communication tool globally. Video will account for 70% of consumer Internet traffic, and on-demand video will be three times as much. Hence, our clients are including video into their Internet marketing strategies, and the demand for video translations is rising. Read our blog post Video Translation and Preparing for Attractive Messaging for great tips and lots of information on video translation.

video translation

The reach is beyond competition, as YouTube receives per month more than one billion unique visitors. Video is the recommended tool for large and small business, and for all exporters or anyone who wants a global reach, a video translation is the most effective way. Production costs have been considerably reduced and Twitter's Vine has made it easy for small businesses that don't have a dedicated technical department.

Promotion across multiple social media channels is imperative, and the campaign strategy around it has to be creative to ensure success. The campaign can then be duplicated in other languages through video translation to ensure international exposure of your video. Online video is the future of content marketing.

Our industry specialties are video translation of

  • Training videos
  • Instructional e-learning programs
  • Marketing videos
  • Safety videos
  • Corporate addresses
  • Broadcast commercials and documentaries
  • Integrated Voice Recordings (IVR)

Industries in which we specialise are

  • Education and Training
  • Manufacturing Technical
  • Medical devices
  • Advertising, Marketing, PR Firms & AV
  • Production Houses
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail

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