Voice-over production

Voice-over production

We utilise foreign language voice talents from around the world to provide our customers with the most diverse and highest quality products available. Voice-over production is an integral part of language services, be it for corporate DVDs, radio or TV commercials or announcements, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning or any other audio-visual media.

At 2M we are known for our talents and multilingual voice-over production. All voice talents are native speakers and experienced language professionals. We also provide voices of trained actors and character voices.

Listen to some of our voice samples, or read more on voice-over production on our case studies page.

We also produce audio files in oral languages (e.g. Indigenous and some African and Asian languages) and in languages where the target audience may be partly illiterate. Please check a range of Indigenous recordings on our YouTube Channel here.

We offer a broad range of European, Asian, African and Indigenous languages as well as different English accents for multicultural marketing purposes. Listen to a variety of samples or please contact us to arrange for a language sample to be sent to you via email. All formats supported, and edited audio files are delivered securely.

  • A variety of original foreign language voices
  • 80+ languages & dialects
  • Native speaker quality
  • Competitive pricing & fast turnaround