Our Purpose

We are 2M Language Services,
a leading global provider of technology-enabled language services

Our purpose is to connect business, people and cultures through language.

We help our customers to build deeper relationships with people in a global and multilingual world by communicating critical content at scale. Powered by human expertise and augmented by cutting-edge technologies, we are fluent in over 250 languages. By leveraging and adapting our linguistic services, we create culturally rich experiences for all audiences.

Our Values


Championing diversity and embracing new perspectives as sources of value and strength in our accomplishments.


Optimising our procedures and productivity through innovative technologies. 


Actively adhering to professional codes of conduct and ISO certifications. 


Continually striving for excellence in our servicing to deliver unmatched results. 


Demonstrating trust and reliability through honest relationships and open lines of communication. 


Taking ownership for our actions, faults, and results. 

We are successful when:

  • We bring people together by breaking down language and cultural barriers
  • We honour diversity in languages and cultures as vehicles for success
  • We see our team and suppliers thrive in new environments and challenges
  • We see our clients celebrating moments of success
  • Our communities, customers and suppliers value their relationships with us
  • Our operations embrace innovative change to maximise quality and efficiency