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Localisation & translation services into 250+ languages

We offer translation services and localise into 250+ languages. Our Australian-based translators are NAATI certified. Our overseas translators hold country-specific university degrees, certifications and have specialised profiles according to the industries we provide translation services for, including legal, government, mining, life sciences, financial, marketing, IT & technology, manufacturing, defence and corporate communications.

translation services

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We ensure that your content resonates with your target audience by ensuring cultural appropriateness and, especially for marketing collaterals, providing transcreation (translation that involves copywritting in the target language). When needed, a graphic designer and typesetter will review and process your translated materials to ensure publishable quality (for right-to-left languages, fonts adaptation, image manipulation and more).

We also handle translation services suited to Australia's Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities (CALD); these can differ greatly from the language spoken in the original countries of these communities. 2M also provides Aboriginal and Indigenous languages, either as written translation services or as recordings (for those that only exist as oral languages). Click here to listen to Indigenous recording samples.

Translation technology

2M's approach for translation services involves the use of sophisticated translation technology to reduce time to market, improve consistency & quality and provide better customer experience. Our enterprise solutions includes custom localisation workflows, platforms integration, operational & administrative customer portal and more. Contact us to discuss about our enterpise solutions.

We treat your content with confidentiality in our encrypted translation environment which complies with stringent cyber security rules. Our translation envrionment can process a large variety of file formats so you are provided with the translated content in the most adapted format for your project.

Check our list of compatible file formats.