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Your global first impression

3 out of 4 internet users prefer to engage and purchase on websites that are available in their native languages.

High-quality localisation coupled with a solid international strategy yields impressive return on investments. Our website translation services are designed to bring your products and content to new markets quickly and cost-effectively. We adapt our offer to match your objectives, target markets and your system environment.

We've developed website translation solutions by combining advanced technology with a network of experienced translators. This allows us to dramatically increase our quality, competitiveness and efficiency.

Website translation services

Website localisation services

Localisation process

A key element of a website translation workflow is having the technical abilities to automatically send and receive content while following the structure of the website. Our website localisation team will assess and discuss with you what are the best options.

We can process a wide range of web file formats such as:

  • .html
  • .php
  • .json
  • .xml
  • .xliff
  • .csv
  • .js

Multilingual SEO

International SEO or multilingual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the localisation of your domestic SEO strategy to your target markets in order to grow your website traffic globally in these specific areas you are targetting.

By applying multilingual SEO on your foreign versions specific to your target market, you will not only notice an increase in global traffic but will also attract more relevant audiences that are more likely to generate leads and sales.

  • Keyword research
  • Metadata localisation
  • Href lang tags
  • Off-page SEO
  • Local backlinks

Website content connector

For global dynamic websites with regular updates, enabling continuous localisation and synchronised content updates across languages can pose a challenge. With our content connector, we can link your website CMS with our translation environment to streamline and automate your localisation processes.

  • Sitecore Episerver Drupal AEM Umbraco 
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WordPress localisation

WordPress powers 27% of the internet. If you have a WordPress site that requires multilingual versions, you can use our translation service with WordPress most popular multilingual plugin: WPML.

Through WPML, you can send & receive translations from us without ever needing to leave your site's back-end or exporting & importing files and strings.

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Translation Memory

Websites often have a lot of repeated content: menus, headers, footers, buttons, product pages, etc... Thanks to our translation memory technology, every translated string is saved then reused across the project for consistency and cost-effectiveness.

You do not have to pay multiple times for repeated strings and we can see savings of up to 72% of the total translation cost thanks to the translation memory.

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Linguistic Quality Assurance for Localisation

2M offers a suite of Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) measures to service all website localisation requests. Our mature Quality Assurance systems combined with subject matter experts and reviewers ensure high-quality outcomes that are tailored to international audiences and satisfy the standards set by the client. 

Our commitment to professional LQA practices is further reflected in strict adherence to ISO certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services
  • ISO 18841:2018 Interpreting Services
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Developing 56 south east Asian economies through internet & network education

  • Languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Bangla, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Thai
  • Types of projects: Website localisation, video localisation (subtitles), technical translations

APNIC is an Australian-based Not-For-Profit organisation and the APAC regional internet registrar of IP addresses. The organisation provides a crucial service that enables access to internet in emerging countries in order to develop their economies. We translate and localise website content and webinar courses for the APNIC community of network professionals across 56 countries in the Asia Pacific region. In order to deal with the high number of language and number of requests, we’ve streamlined the processes by connecting APNIC’s website to our translation environment with our content connector. This reduces the internal workload on the client's end and makes the translation process faster.