Translation API

Reduce manual tasks and costs in your localisation workflows with our content connectors.

Enabling seamless continuous localisation

Simplify your localisation workflows by integrating your content management system with our state-of-the-art translation environment via our translation API technology. Send, receive & publish translated content in one click via our content connector allowing you to streamline content updates across multiple languages and for various markets.

Reduce errors and speed up project turnaround times by avoiding files export/import and transfers.

Our translation API

Our API technology enables you to connect your CMS to our translation environment to streamline your translation management workflows. By connecting with our translation environment you bypass the standard file transfer process and email communications which add up to your workload and increase the margin of error.

Our technology use content connectors that link your systems that have multilingual content to our translation environment through a unified API, so you can send your files straight from your content management system for translation or via the 2M connector's user interface. Your translated files are then automatically returned in the desired location in the content repository.

Some of our content connectors

WordPressonedriveaemdrupalsitecoreEpiserverAmazon S3
SharePointgoogle drivedropboxsalesforcegithubcontentstackUmbraco

Non-exhaustive list, please contact us if your system is not listed

Translation API benefits

  • Speed – reduced time to market
  • Automatic updates
  • Translation Memory/TM (Terminology Management and Consistency)
  • Tracking, full control and visibility
  • Cost saving (maximise re-use of translation content through TM)
  • Ease of use
  • No more minimum charges
  • Full cyber security compliance

Simplify translation management and increase control with automated workflows

Our connector automates source and target language file transfers from and to your content management system. You can manage translation workflows from our connector user interface, or directly within your CMS depending on which system you are using. This allows you to streamline content updates across multiple languages and for various markets.

Our integration comes with an integrated dashboard that allows you to monitor the translation advancement status for more control over the process.

Eliminate manual processes to boost efficiencies, minimise errors and reduce time to market for your content

Save time and speed up project turnaround times by avoiding time-consuming copy & paste of strings of text to Word or Excel files. Bypass this error-prone process with CMS integration and save time on email communication or file transfer. On our end, we receive a translation-ready file which allows us to complete the job more quickly and efficiently.

The connector enables you to review and publish the translated file in the right location within your CMS allowing you once again to save time. Our integration coupled with automation allows you to drastically speed up the time to market of your content for a more consistent global experience.

Ensure translation quality and improve customer experience

Because our translators and in-country reviewers can preview the translated content in its source format context, they can translate and assess more effectively locale-specific messaging intent, language authenticity and cultural appropriateness. This process allows consistent brand messaging, relevant content and a better customer experience.

Amplify customer engagement by publishing simultaneously across multiple markets

The highly optimised workflow will give the opportunity to reinforce your message's impact by broadcasting content concurrently across multiple locations, languages and platforms. You can increase your customer engagement by extending your messaging to more international markets, global customers and prospects.

Keeping your data safe

Our connectors are compliant with strict security guidelines to ensure confidentiality and security of your content at all times.

For our Australian clients: 2M systems are hosted on 2M’s private servers located in Australia and are compliant with the Australian Government's Cyber Security Requirements and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) questionnaire. Please contact us for details on how we process data and security.

Client company documentation is not exposed to home computers as linguists are working on our secure server.

For our clients from Europe and the Americas: 2M complies with the European Union Cyber Security Requirements and the recommendations of our 2M production data centre colocation providers all follow ISO27001 compliance guidelines.

2M leverages a number of Industry Best Practice Guides, Frameworks and Governance Standards including:

  • COBIT5
  • ASD Essential 8
  • NIST
  • ISO27001/ 2
  • Cloud Security Alliance Guidelines
  • Centre for Internet Security (CIS 20 Critical Security Controls)

To ensure our services, infrastructure, platforms and client data remain secure, we ensure that we comply with security bulletins from leading vendors including:

  • Microsoft
  • HPE
  • Cisco