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Professional Conference Interpreting Service

Are you preparing your next international conference or board meeting and need conference interpreting? Watch our short video to help you decide what kind of conference interpreter and conference interpreting equipment you require and what else you need to know to stage a successful international conference or meeting.

Our team of conference interpreters are highly trained and skilled professionals who have provided conference interpreting services for world summits including UN, NATO, APEC, World Bank, IMF, G20, WTO, CHOGM and EU conferences.

2M engages the most effective conference interpreting team for your requirements and according to the event's working languages. Our team perform simultaneous interpretation through headphones at conferences or, for smaller meetings, consecutive interpretation may also be suitable. 2M also provides conference interpreters for VIP purposes (consecutive and bilateral interpreting). Click here for conference interpreting case studies.

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Our conference interpreters can assist you with:

Simultaneous Interpreting

In a sound-proof booth with a direct view onto the conference room, the interpreter listens to a speaker through earphones and simultaneously transmits the message in another language through a microphone to listeners in the room.

Consecutive Interpreting

Seated at the conference table, the interpreter listens to a speech, takes notes and then renders the meaning of the speaker's message in another language.

Whispered Interpreting

Seated in the meeting room, the interpreter whispers in another language, to a maximum of two delegates, what is being said by a speaker.

All the conference and VIP Interpreters provided by 2M are AIIC members as well as NAATI accredited Senior Conference Interpreters where possible.

  • High-quality conference interpreting
  • Simultaneous & Consecutive and VIP
  • AIIC members, NAATI Senior Conference Interpreter
  • Covering all international conferences
  • Australia-wide and Asia Pacific Region

Conference rates

A conference interpreter is paid daily fees. Travelling time (usually 2/3 of their daily rate), per diem (travel allowance), airfares and overnight expenses are additional costs if the required interpreters are not available locally. Once an interpreting job is confirmed, the interpreter rejects other offers for that day, so even a 3-hour interpreting job will be charged with a daily rate. Intense preparation for the conference is essential to this profession, so the more material and resources they can get beforehand, the higher the performance of the interpreter and ultimately that guarantees the success of your conference.

All conference and VIP interpreters provided by 2M are AIIC members as well as NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators & Interpreter of Australia) accredited Senior Conference Interpreters.

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