Conference interpreting

Hire our specialist conference interpreters & state-of-the-art equipment for your next conference.

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Professional Conference Interpreting Service

2M offers domain-specialist conference interpreters for small and large meetings, conferences, and events. Our team can support simultaneous (real-time) interpreting needs or consecutive interpreting for smaller events.

2M also provides conference interpreters for VIP purposes (consecutive and bilateral interpreting).

Expert in all conference interpreting settings

Professional interpreters and equipment that covers all your conference interpreting requirements.

Simultaneous interpreting

In a sound-proof booth with a direct view onto the conference room, the interpreter listens to a speaker through earphones and simultaneously transmits the message in another language through a microphone to listeners in the room.

Consecutive interpreting

Seated at the conference table, the interpreter listens to a speech, takes notes and then renders the meaning of the speaker's message in another language.

Whispered interpreting

Seated in the meeting room, the interpreter whispers in another language, to a maximum of two delegates, what is being said by a speaker.

Conference interpreting equipment

Simultaneous interpreting equipment

We can assist you with quality & reliable interpretation equipment that is ISO 4043 compliant. Our comprehensive service includes freight, set up & onsite technician to ensure your conference goes smoothly.

  • Sound-proof booths
  • Interpreter consoles
  • Audience receivers
  • FM transmitters
  • Onsite technicians
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Whispered interpreting equipment

A "bidule", or whispered interpretation system, is a wireless set of equipment consisting of a headset microphone worn by the interpreter, and numerous receivers with headphones worn by the delegates.

This equipment is suitable for a smaller audience and less formal speeches.

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Language support for virtual events

Multilingual Web Conferencing Platform

If you require simultaneous interpreting services to run multilingual virtual events, our Multilingual Web Conferencing Platform will help you provide a smooth user experience to all your participants. Our browser-based platform allows participants to attend your virtual event and listen to all speakers in their preferred language.

Participants, speaker(s) and interpreters may be based remotely saving you substantial costs in travel fees and onsite equipment. Participants can easily switch between languages and view translated keynote material if available. Q&A scenarios are supported via live chat and/or through audio.

Perfect for:

  • Webinars
  • Online training
  • Online conferences
  • Virtual meetings
  • Stakeholder updates
  • Company announcements
  • Sales presentations
  • Product demos
  • Town Hall meetings
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How to run a successful multilingual conference at the world’s largest technology company

  • Location: Gold Coast, Australia
  • Languages: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese
  • Types of interpreting & equipment: Simultaneous via sound-proof interpreter booths and whispered via whisper interpreting equipment.

Every year, Apple runs a global conference that gathers teachers from different parts of the globe that demonstrate how Apple products can be used innovatively in a learning environment. In 2019, the Apple Distinguished Educators conference took place in Gold Coast, Australia and congregated over 400 international delegates.

2M delivered simultaneous & whispered interpreter over the 3 days event for the Chinese, Korean and Japanese speaking delegates. Thanks to our equipment, Apple was able to run its conference with flexibility in plenary sessions with traditional simultaneous interpreting booths and breakout workshops through whispered interpreting equipment.


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