Translation memory

Translation Memory Technology

A translation memory is a live database of all your previously translated content. The translation memory technology allows to reuse any text segment that has already been translated in new translation projects which prevent the same content from being translated multiple times.

Thanks to content repetition across different translation projects the translation memory will help to improve consistency, reduce costs and speed up the translation process. The more data it contains, the more you will be able to leverage it.


translation memory technology

How our translation memory works

Our translation memory recycle all translated segments that have been approved and will suggest them to the translators in real time. Every new segment that is translated and approved is automatically added to the translation memory. Translation Memory is used with a term base or glossary (when there is one) to maximise consistency.

The translation memory database is stored in our encrypted & secure translation environment to ensure full confidentiality. Your translation memory is your IP and you can ask to see it and retrieve it at any time.

Translation memory can also be used as a training database to develop a custom Neural Machine Translation engine provided that there is enough translated data.

What types or content are better suited for translation memory?

You will see the most benefits in using a translation memory when translating content with a high number of content repetitions such as:

  • Technical documentation & manuals
  • Websites
  • Financial texts
  • Application interfaces

However, one same translation memory is not suitable for all translations. For example, a translation memory consisting of translations of manuals is not useful when translating the company's annual reports, and vice versa.


Bellamy's Organic is an iconic Australian producer of organic baby food and formulas with a successful track record of export operations in South East Asia.

The repetitions of content detected by our translation memory allowed Bellamy to save up to 72% on translation costs in localisation projects.


bellamy translation memory