AI Dubbing

Elevate your global reach with automated dubbing solutions enhanced by professional linguists

Professional AI Dubbing Services

In the dynamic expanse of global and multicultural communication, your message must transcend language barriers without compromising its integrity. Our AI dubbing services, enhanced by human linguistic expertise, ensure accuracy and cultural appropriateness at a fraction of the cost and with much swifter delivery times compared to traditional voice-over services. Our AI Voice-Over service is private and secure in line with our ISO 27001:2013 certification.

Our AI dubbing service supports

Voice cloning

Expand your content's reach with our voice cloning technology, capable of replicating voices across many languages. A library of synthetic voices is also available.

Lip Syncing

Our AI-driven lip-syncing ensures that the dubbed audio matches the speakers' lip movements in the original video, providing a natural viewing experience.

Multi speaker videos

Catering to complex narratives, our service adeptly handles multiple speakers, preserving the distinctiveness of each voice and character.

Benefits of Multilingual AI Dubbing

Efficiency and Speed

AI dubbing significantly streamlines the production process by using sophisticated algorithms to instantly translate, dub and synchronise content, dramatically reducing the overall dubbing time. Dub your videos in minutes, not days.

Cost Effective

AI dubbing is up to 10 times cheaper than traditional dubbing, which involves manual transcription, translation and hiring of human voice actors and managing recording studios. This makes AI dubbing a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality​​.


Unlike traditional dubbing, which may be limited by the availability and scheduling of voice actors, AI dubbing shines in its ability to handle large volumes of content across multiple languages swiftly. This scalability makes AI dubbing particularly advantageous for large or ongoing projects​​.

AI Voice-Over Process

Understanding your requirements

We start with a comprehensive consultation to understand your project's scope, target audiences, context and nuances. Following this, we will advise on the best approach.

AI-powered transcription and translation

Utilising state-of-the-art AI transcription & translation technology, we generate a translation of your audio. Our linguists review the AI-generated output, ensuring the translation is accurate, and infuses cultural insights.

AI Dubbing

We process and synchronise the AI-dubbed version of the audio into your video. At this stage, we apply voice cloning, although we can also offer a selection of synthetic voices you can choose from with male and female voices and a range of accents.

Syncing and QA

The translated audio is used to perform lip-syncing of the speakers in the video and is mixed into the video. Adhering to the highest standards, we QA the video, ensuring it's ready to captivate your target audience with its authenticity and quality.

Is AI dubbing for me?

While AI dubbing presents a revolutionary approach to breaking language barriers, enhancing accessibility, and expanding global reach, it's essential to consider its applicability to your specific content needs. AI dubbing thrives in clear, well-articulated audio environments where its sophisticated algorithms can effectively match and synthesise voices, ensuring seamless integration with your original content.

However, there are scenarios where AI dubbing might face challenges:

  • Audio Clarity: If the original video has poor audio quality or there is background music or noise and the speech is not clearly audible, AI transcription and translation might struggle to accurately replicate the original message. Fortunately, this is where the human linguist comes in to address the shortfalls of AI.
  • Dynamic Visuals: In videos where speakers are constantly moving and the speakers require precise lip-syncing, our technology may encounter limitations in providing perfect alignment, potentially affecting the viewing experience.
  • Sensitive Contexts: Certain content, especially in sensitive or highly emotional settings, may demand the human touch and nuanced understanding that our traditional voice-over service provides. In these cases, the subtle inflections and empathetic delivery of a human voice artist can make a significant difference in conveying the intended emotional depth and cultural resonance.

In understanding these considerations, our goal is to guide you towards making the best choice for your content. Whether AI dubbing offers the innovative solution you need or traditional voice-over services are more suited to your project, our team is here to provide expert advice and support tailored to your unique requirements.

AI dubbing is ideal for


Transform learning materials and courses into multiple languages. With AI dubbing, your content's voice, tone, and pace will be kept consistent across any language. This is crucial for maintaining a professional and cohesive learning experience for all participants. 

What's more? You can grow and update learning content knowing that it can quickly and accurately be updated in your chosen languages and adapted to your learners' profile or preferences. 

Corporate videos

Do you operate in multiple countries? AI dubbing can translate and dub corporate videos, making them available to audiences globally. What would be a time-consuming and costly exercise is made more affordable and quicker with AI dubbing. 

AI dubbing supports rapid distribution of content, ensuring all employees or stakeholders have access to the latest information in their preferred language. 

Marketing content

AI dubbing can help you produce and deploy content quickly, so you keep on top of market trends. Audio-visual content adds variety to your marketing stack, making your content more accessible and engaging than text-based content. 

AI dubbing can create multiple video versions of audio content to facilitate A/B testing of different voices, accents, tones, and messages across markets. 

Product demonstrations

AI dubbing can significantly enhance product demonstrations. The flexibility, personalisation, and adaptability of AI dubbing can drive product understanding and sales. 

Our solution can customise product demonstrations for specific markets by incorporating local languages or dialects and cultural nuances to make it more relevant to the market. AI dubbing will also quickly update or modify product demonstrations according to customer feedback.

Community information

For multicultural communities, AI dubbing ensures all community members have access to important information. By translating and adapting content to ensure cultural relevant, this fosters understanding among non-English-speaking communities. 

In situations requiring urgent communication, such as natural disasters or public health emergencies, AI dubbing can quickly create multilingual video versions with the latest information and advice for immediate sharing. 

Try AI dubbing for yourself

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