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Interpreters are critical to bringing clarity for all participants in multilingual meetings, conferences, legal proceedings, or medical appointments. Our interpreters are highly skilled in interpreting for various industries and are familiar with cultural nuances. With our Auckland interpreting services, you can be confident that your message will be appropriately conveyed and understood.

Browse our customisable interpreting services in Auckland, available on-site, telephone, or video settings. We offer New Zealand’s preferred and most trusted interpreting and translation services.

Conversational Interpreting

Industries we work with

Our Auckland interpreting service covers several industries thanks to our specialist interpreters. From healthcare and government to engineering and defence, we can assist you to break barriers during meetings, conferences, and proceedings.

Our Auckland interpreting services

Our Auckland interpreting and translation services are essential for creating meaningful connections with customers, communities, and partners in New Zealand and globally. 2M works with businesses and organisations in the APAC region to deliver seamless communication across government sectors and industries.

Legal Interpreting

Accuracy and professionalism are of utmost importance in high-stake environments like courtrooms. We take pride in providing the highest quality legal interpreters for court hearings, depositions, and trials. Our interpreting services in New Zealand can be tailored to your needs; in case you need an interpreter for a one-off occasion or ongoing proceedings. Talk to us about your needs.

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Healthcare & Medical Interpreting

Interpreting is a crucial service that bridges the language and cultural divide between healthcare providers and patients. By engaging professional interpreters in Auckland, you can empower patients with limited English to understand and equally engage in consultations that concern their health.

Our team of medical interpreters are specialists in their fields with demonstrated experiences in facilitating highly-sensitive consultations with a culturally-sensitive approach. Our Auckland interpreting services also offer 24/7 on-demand access to medical interpreters in case of emergency.

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Conference Interpreting

Conference interpreting is a specialised form of interpreting that involves facilitating multilingual communication during conferences and meetings. Our interpreter services in Auckland are available for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting needs to enable smooth and accurate communication between parties.

Reach out to the team to learn more about our conference interpreting solutions.

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Business & technical interpreting

In today's global economy, effective and accessible communication is more important than ever for your business to succeed. We assist our corporate clients in forging international partnerships, improving customer service, and increasing public awareness through our Auckland interpreting services.

If you are in need of a reliable interpreting partner to help you navigate the complex and challenging business environment, look no further. Contact us -  we’ll provide interpreters with expertise in your unique field or industry.

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24/7 telehealth interpreting solutions

Consulting with patients with limited English can be stressful and sometimes frustrating, but it doesn't need to be. Our Auckland interpreting services offer 24/7 access to medical interpreters anytime, anywhere. Learn how 2M lingo™ in Coviu and healthdirect Video Call can support you and your non-English speaking patients.

As a healthcare provider, your time is important. When it comes to patients with limited English, or patients who are deaf or hard of hearing, more time is often spent trying to understand patient complaints and communicating professional advice.

We have partnered with Coviu to provide on-demand access to healthcare interpreters anytime, saving you time and effort. With the 2M lingo™ add-on in Coviu, healthcare providers can easily and securely invite an interpreter to a consultation via video to help facilitate the conversation.

  • Redial the same interpreter within 2 minutes after the call ends
  • Request gender-specific interpreters
  • Prioritise, limit, or exclude interpreters in the call queue

How to use the 2M lingo™ app

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healthdirect Video Call overcomes barriers, like time and travel costs, to connect patients with quality healthcare services. 2M lingo™ supports healthcare providers by providing specialist healthcare interpreters for patients who may need or request extra language support.

As a secure system, healthdirect Video Call does not store patient data. The service abides by cyber security and privacy guidelines per the Australian Government Information Security Manual and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996.

For providers, 2M lingo™ via healthdirect Video Call means more flexibility in one's day-to-day, with access from anywhere that enables you to work with a wider range of patients who previously would not have had the same access to your health services.

2M lingo™ Interpreter Management System

2M lingo™ integrates interpreter booking, appointment management, and payment tracking into a single system. Its user-friendly interface enables onsite, telephone, or video bookings in minutes.

Interpreter booking

Book an interpreter in just a few clicks on 2M lingo™. Our user-friendly platform matches you to the best-fit interpreter based on your language needs, subject matter, gender preference (optional), and preferred delivery method.

Video remote

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Telephone interpreting

2M lingo™ offers an affordable telephone interpreting service for when an interpreter is not required to attend onsite or for urgent appointments.

What are the benefits of our digital Auckland interpreter service? On-demand access to specialist interpreters at any time of the day from wherever you are.

On demand

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Video interpreting

Speak the language of your customers, patients, suppliers, and partners on screen at any time with our video interpreting service on 2M lingo™. Our service offers quick connectivity and a seamless virtual experience for one-off and ongoing requests.

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Frequently asked questions

What is OPI, VRI, and RSI?

OPI, VRI, and RSI are different delivery methods for interpreting services. 

All 3 are bookable on 2M lingo™.

Over-the-phone (OPI): The interpreter joins the session via telephone.

Video remote interpreting (VRI): The interpreter joins the session on screen and is visible throughout the session. 

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI): Like VRI, the interpreter joins the session via video. RSI is typically ideal for large-scale conferences, meetings or events where speech needs to be interpreted in real-time, as the speaker is also speaking. As it requires high-cognitive effort, RSI is usually performed by 2 interpreters. 

What is the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

'Translator' and 'interpreter' are not terms that can be used interchangeably, although they often are. 

A translator works exclusively with the written word. They translate text such as documents, manuals, books, brochures etc from one language into another. 

An interpreter works with the spoken word. They interpret messages from one language into another. 

A translator may also be an interpreter and vice versa. This means the translator underwent additional professional training to become an interpreter. 

How much does an interpreter cost?

The cost of booking an interpreter varies on factors like language combination, the nature of the subject matter, the location of the session, and delivery mode, which could be onsite, telephone, or video interpreting.