Interpreter Management System

Easily book or access on-demand interpreters on 2M lingo™

Save time with an all-in-one booking system

2M lingo™ offers reliable access to language interpreters for urgent requests and ahead of time schedule. Our booking system is integrated within the 2M lingo™ app, featuring a user-friendly calendar view to book interpreters without hassle. Bookings are available for video, over the phone or onsite interpreting, with scheduled or on-demand access to video and over the phone sessions.

Quick and simple bookings on 2M lingo™

Our booking system makes it easy for you and your team to manage and create interpreter bookings. Furthermore, it includes video and telephone interpreting features.

Manage interpreter bookings at scale

Our system is designed to manage interpreting services at scale. Access the right information and actionable items quickly by using our advanced filters and user-friendly calendar views. Automate repetitive manual tasks and manage your team efficiently through your interpreter booking portal.

booking system


Billing & reports

View and manage your invoices, consult your reports and get a quick understanding of your interpreting service usage.

Preferred interpreters

Take control and select your preferred interpreter from a list of previously met interpreters.

Team friendly

Invite your collaborators and manage their permissions to control what kind of data they can access.

Custom fields

Customise your interpreter's booking forms with custom information that is meaningful to your organisation.

Recurring bookings

Manage recurrence settings and create series of bookings instead of having to schedule appointments one-by-one.

Approval rules

Decide whether your requestors can make direct bookings or if an approval step by a supervisor is necessary.