Legal interpreting services

Qualified & NAATI certified interpreters with extensive experience in legal settings.

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Legal and Court interpreting

We provide professional interpreting services to private law firms and the public sector in 100+ languages. Our team of legal interpreters are NAATI certified and have extensive experience interpreting for courts cases, depositions, witness statements, mediations, and more.

Our flexible service delivery options allow us to cater for onsite appointments or remote meetings:


We cover Australia's migrant & refugee community languages as well as rare & emerging languages such as Pacific Island languages or African dialects. Our team of Indigenous interpreters can assist you with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander languages.

When required, we assign interpreters fluent in regional language variations i.e., Arabic Juba for South Sudan or Latin American Spanish for South America.


Experienced & certified personel

Our legal interpreters are NAATI certified and have experience working in legal settings. They all adhere to a strict code of conduct from AUSIT which guarantees confidentiality and impartiality.

For highly sensitive cases or investigations, we can provide vetted interpreters who hold Australian government security clearances:

  • Baseline
  • NV1
  • NV2 secret

Onsite interpreting

While telephone and video interpreting offers on demand response times in an emergency or when faced with unexpected language barriers, onsite interpreting can be a more appropriate solution for longer appointments that are planned in advance.

This service must be booked in advance, travel charges may apply.

Telephone interpreting

Through telephone interpreting, you can access fast & reliable language support in seconds. It also helps to reduce the costs as minimum charges are lower and no travel is required.

You can access our telephone interpreting service via phone or through our web-based & mobile app 2M lingo. This service is available:

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Video interpreting

Video interpreting helps people interact more personally than traditional telephone interpreting owing to the visual context and cues. Our 2M lingo platform offers a smooth video call experience for better remote interpreting experience.

This service is available:

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Enabling equal access to justice for non-English-speaking communities in Queensland

  • Languages: Australian migrant & refugees, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Method of interpreting: Onsite, telephone & video

Without interpretation services, complications can arise in legal and judicial industries. Under our arrangement with Queensland Department of Justice & Attorney General, we provide interpreter services to Queensland courts, legal services and the Queensland Police force.

Throughout our unified 2M lingo interpreting platform, the department’s agents can easily place bookings, access On-Demand telephone or video interpreters and get analytics & usage reports.

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