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Brisbane translation service reputable for creating innovative solutions for almost any challenge.

Translations you can trust

At 2M, we pride ourselves on providing high quality translations in a range of subject matters, including health, life sciences, legal matters, community and more. Supported by a network of talented translators, our Brisbane translation service is trusted by over 1000 clients.

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Built for success

Good translations go beyond the text. At 2M, we leverage people, technology, and innovation to produce sustainable and scalable translation outcomes at speed for our clients.


NAATI-certified and subject matter experts power our professional translation service. Whether you have a document, handbook, or specialist report to translate, we have the translators with the skills to support your venture.


Our technologies are what set us apart. With a powerful suite of customisable translation tools, you can now reach your audience faster than ever before. Get in touch to find out how our machine translation, content connectors, or translation memory solutions can simplify content translation for you.


At 2M, we are constantly on the lookout for new ways to challenge the status quo. By implementing new ideas, we aim to make our translation workflows more efficient, transparent, and simple for customers.

Content that clicks

We work to ensure your content speaks to the locals. Our Brisbane translation service focuses on working collaboratively to understand your needs and bringing our expertise to engage customers, stakeholders, and employees.

In the global context, we understand the challenges that come with scaling content. To simplify the process for you, we implement a human-centric approach to technology for consistency, collaboration and simplified publishing worldwide.

Learn more about our translation service offerings in Brisbane below.

Certified translation

NAATI-certified translators are accredited to translate official administrative documents accurately.

Looking to translate a foreign passport, driver's license, or certificate? Our exclusive personal document translation service enables fast and affordable translations verified by a NAATI-certified translator and recognised by the Australian Government.

Technical translation

For complex documents, like equipment manuals, scientific reports, policies, white papers, 2M can help you tailor content for the right audience, accurately. With strict quality management processes and subject matter experts in fields of engineering, life sciences, healthcare, mining, manufacturing, we guarantee clear and safe use of your technical documents.

Website localisation

Bring your products or services to global markets by translating your website. With 9 out of 10 customers more likely to make a purchase in their native language, website translation has the power to grow your business globally while creating trust with new audiences. Contact us to learn how we can help you stay competitive in today's global market.

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Software & app localisation

Localisation is a key element to making your software or app product market-ready. Our strategies target complexities around content management, new features, and fixes to prepare your software or app for the ultimate user experience. Contact us for a quote for our Brisbane translation service.

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Video game localisation

At 2M, our localisation services make your video game feel like it was made for its audience. Taking into account cultural and regional differences, our approach covers game immersion, translation & localisation, and UX testing to ensure the final product meets the local expectations.

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Multimedia localisation

54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands and businesses they support. Producing multilingual and culturally adapted content means attracting viewers and potentially buyers. Our Brisbane translation service offers subtitling, captioning, and transcription services that leverages smart AI automations to reach your audience quicker.

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Translation technology solutions

By supporting human expertise with cutting-edge technologies, we offer quicker turnarounds while cutting costs for your business. Learn more about our workflow automations included in our Brisbane translation service below.

Translation Management System

2M's secure translation management system packages content management on one portal—allowing you to keep track of projects and collaborate with project team members.

Translation memory (TM)

Translation memory (TM) supports our translation management by analysing content to identify any previously translated terms or segments for potential reuse. This saves costs by creating repetitions, optimising time, and ensuring consistent content across all required languages.

Machine translation

If you have an urgent project or a limited budget, machine translation might be part of our translation strategy for you. Machine translation automates the translation process to achieve efficiencies.

Content connectors

Where handling content across systems is usually tedious and complicated, there is something for everyone in our content connectors. By eliminating file imports/exports and file transfers, our content connectors help to speed up turnaround times and reduce errors.


Security and compliance

Your information is important to us. We follow industry-recommended security protocols and hold several ISO certifications that verify our commitment to best-practice data protection.

ISO certifications

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management

In compliance with ISO 27001:2013, 2M maintains a set of controls designed to protect information assets, covering access controls, network security, and incident management.

ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

2M translation services are ISO 17100:2015 certified. This certification verifies our services as high quality and meeting client expectations.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

ISO 9001:2015 defines a set of guidelines for managing client products and services to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders. 2M's Quality Management System (QMS) satisfies the guidelines outlined within the standard.

ISO 18841:2018 Interpreting Services

2M meets the requirements and best practices outlined in ISO 18841:2018 for the provision of spoken and signed interpreting services across cultural contexts and interpreting specialisations. The standard applies to in-person, over-the-phone, video remote interpreting, and remote simultaneous interpreting.

Connect with a translation expert

Tell us about your translation needs to receive a quick free quote or to get in touch with our friendly team.


Which 250+ languages does 2M translate from/into?

We translate from and into standard European and Asian languages to rare and emerging languages. See a full list of 250+ languages here

Language not listed? Contact us to see how we can help. 

Which personal documents do you translate?

Our personal document translation service is available to a range of documents requiring NAATI certification, including:

  • Drivers licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Police certificates
  • Passports
  • Diplomas and university documents
  • Business and employment documents

Click here to order a quick personal document translation.

What are your translation turnaround times?

Turnaround times are individual to each translation project. At the beginning of every project, we work with you to advise an appropriate deadline. 

We can also service urgent projects thanks to our advanced translation technologies. 

What does a translation cost?

Translation costs are subject to urgency, document type and volume, word count, and subject matter. Receive a quick quote here

How will you keep my data safe and confidential?

2M stores client data safely within a defence-grade translation system, compliant with ISO 27001:2013. 

We use a range of cloud providers for our systems including Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Exchange/Azure and Secure-ISS. These are compliant with a wide range of security standards including SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3, FISMA, DIACAP, and FedRAMP, PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018.

We use a third-party payment provider that is PCI DSS compliant.

What is the difference between machine translation and human translation?

Machine translation uses artificial intelligence to translate text from one language into another without human involvement. At 2M, we recommend machine translation as a quick and cost-effective solution if the text is suitable. Our solutions can be customised to include a blend of human and machine translation for optimal results.