Our Industries

Specialised language services designed to support industry-specific content and projects.

Industry expertise

Our extensive experience in key sectors allows us to provide specialised linguistic services in line with subject matters and project requirements

Providing native language speaker quality is not a value-added but merely a baseline in the provision of language services.

2M goes further and align linguistic resources to match specific subjects matter expertise from key sectors to ensure high-quality deliverables that meet our clients' expectations.


Industry Categorisation

Mining & Resources

Our linguist team includes domain experts in the fields of engineering, oil & gas, landfill and surface mining, renewable energy, mineral processing...

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Our linguists and domain experts are specialised in defence products from information systems, aircraft to weaponry and frigates.

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Government & Community

We assist government bodies in reaching CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) and non-English speaking communities, with NAATI certified translators & interpreters.

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Banking & Finance

We have been servicing the finance and banking sectors to improve their customer service delivery but also to help protecting the interest of the banks & financial institutions and the customers.

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Healthcare & Medical

We service the Medical & Healthcare industries with professional medical translation & interpreting in the fields of clinical research & trials, Med Tech and medical devices, insurance, pharmaceuticals in both public & private sectors.

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Food & Agribusiness

We assist global Food & Agribusiness companies in their global operations or enable new exporters breaking into new markets with precise multilingual communication solutions.

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International education

We support educational institutions as well as e-learning & training providers in reaching out to global & multicultural audiences.

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Large & medium-sized manufacturing companies value our services because of our technical translation capabilities and adaptive language technology solutions.

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