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At 2M Language Services, we provide scalable translation services in Auckland, allowing businesses to expand their operations on a global scale and create connections with non-English speaking audiences. 

Our professional translation services are trusted across Australian and New Zealand Government departments, small businesses, and leading corporate organisations. Offering NAATI-certified translations, exceptional prices and a short turnaround time, our Auckland translation services can be counted on for results. 

Explore our Auckland translation services below.

  • Official documents
  • Website localisation
  • Contracts
  • Technical documentation
  • Health & safety handbooks
  • Personal documents
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Brochures
  • Press releases

Why choose our professional translation services in Auckland?

2M Language Services is one of the leading translation agencies in Auckland and has maintained a global presence in Europe, South America, and Asia since our establishment in 1999. Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes to increase their national and international reach and market share by translating important documents and marketing material that connect global audiences. 

From legal and business documents to technical guides, advertisements, marketing materials and more, we provide a scalable service that will improve business tenfold. 

Our professional translators also offer personal document translation services for fast and NAATI-certified translations. Translate passports, personal letters, an overseas driver licence, or personal and migration documents within a quick turnaround — we’ll ensure your documents are translated to the highest standard.

Continuous quality

We are able to provide a wide range of high-quality translation services thanks to our knowledgeable NAATI-certified translators. Offering more than 250 languages, our certified translators work in line with our advanced quality assurance processes to deliver accurate, culturally sensitive translations.

On-time delivery

Our team utilises advanced translation technologies, allowing us to deliver fast, error-free translations in a short turnaround time. 

Whether you contact us for marketing translation services, personal document translations, localisation services or technical support, our team will deliver results in record time.

Data security

Your information and data security are important to us. You can rest assured knowing your information is safe with 2M, as our translation management system meets ISO 27001 requirements to protect over 1000 of our valued clients’ information (including the Australian Department of Defence).

Industries we service

Our professional translation services are available to a wide range of industries, including Government, Mining & Resources, Manufacturing, Defence & Security, Banking & Finance, Agribusiness & Food Services, Medical & Healthcare, and International Education. Learn more below.

Government and Community

Government & Community

Everyone has a right to access essential information and services in their own language. We work with several Australian and New Zealand Government departments and community organisations, ensuring essential resources are available to culturally and linguistically diverse audiences, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiences.

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Mining and Resources

Mining & Resources

Our Auckland document translation service extends to the mining industry, allowing us to assist with engineering, oil and gas, landfill, surface mining, renewable energy, metal reserves, mineral processing, recycling, geological surveys, and sustainable fuel sources. 

Our NAATI-certified translators have expertise in corporate, technical, and operations subjects, guaranteeing accurate documents and assets. 

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Defence and Security

Defence & Security

Our translators have had the incredible opportunity to work with Rheinmetall Defence and the Australian Department of Defence. We specialise in a range of defence systems, including intelligence, satellites, navigation, weapon and thermal imaging, surveillance, vehicles and more.

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Banking & Finance

Tailoring information and banking services to meet all your customer's needs is essential for building trust and loyalty. Our NAATI-certified translators can help translate brochures, financial and legal contracts, reports, shareholder information and more.

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Medical & Healthcare

2M translators have the technical knowledge and cultural expertise to enable access to healthcare information and services for all patients, regardless of their background. You can have your documents translated at 2M Language Services for medical devices, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Food and Agribusiness

Food & Agribusiness

Our translation services in Auckland also cover the Food & Agribusiness industry, allowing companies to cater to international audiences through marketing materials, websites and apps. Plus, you can connect with relevant shareholders through export/import permits, annual reports, HR services, and more.

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Explore our range of translation services in Auckland

2M’s Auckland translation services are the first choice for New Zealand companies and individuals, thanks to our exceptional expertise, experience, and customer service. Your queries and requests can be addressed at any time of the day.

Document translation services

Offering over 250 languages, 2M can translate official government and corporate documents, regardless of the word count or format.

Technical translation services

With expertise in a wide range of industries, our team can expertly translate equipment manuals, reports, health and safety handbooks, and more, all delivered with accuracy and consistency.

Marketing material translation services

Our translation services allow you to reach a global audience. This service includes transcreation, meaning we can convey your marketing messages in another language in a culturally sensitive way.

Website localisation

2M has more than 20 years of experience localising webpages, ensuring your website resonates with other locales and cultures.

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Software & app localisation Sydney

It’s important to localise your software and apps to meet each regional and cultural needs. Our localisation services keep the end-user in mind, including final testing and validation of each language version.

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Video game localisation Sydney

This brand-new service was launched in 2022 with the gaming industry in mind. Our translators can make your game look and feel like it was made for a specific audience, no matter where it’s played.

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Video localisation Sydney

Update your video content for a new, international audience with 2M. We can translate and prepare subtitles for films, government and corporate communications, marketing, education and more.

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Personal document translation (NAATI) Sydney

We offer a convenient self-service translator service that supports fast, cost-effective translations recognised by the Australian Government. This includes birth certificates, passports, university documents, and more.

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Language Quality Assurance

All of our translation services are supported by technology-driven approaches and tools. This allows us to offer our clients a fast turnaround without sacrificing accuracy or consistency. We utilise a Language Quality Assessment Platform to ensure quality for our clients.

Experience and Expertise

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