Machine translation solutions

Adaptive & customisable AI-powered solutions for fully automated translation.

Advanced solutions for global enterprises & organisations

Extensive research in Natural Language Processing, technological advancements and computational linguistics training has resulted in the outstanding development of sophisticated translation technology, producing grammatically coherent translated output and showing promising results in various language pairs.

To manage increasing translation volumes and the need for fast turnaround times, we now support a cutting-edge high-quality Machine Translation (MT) solutions using Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology. Thanks to continuous progress in quality and output and seamless integration with our translation environment, Machine Translation is the ideal tool for high-volume, organised, structured content in certain language pairs and documents where timelines and budgets are a concern.

Secure and adaptable, our machine translation solutions offer a range of usability options to meet each individual need. We run a pre-assessment of source content to ensure a suitable machine translation solution for each project.

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Our machine translation solutions

We offer several machine translation solutions that make localisation seamless and cost-effective.

Fully automated Machine Translation

Automated translation is a cost-effective solution for translating informational documents. We rely on a generic Neural Machine Translation (NMT) engine to translate content effectively and securely within our translation management system.

Suitable for:

Content for information purposes only
User generated content


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Custom Machine Translation

Custom-trained machine translation software have the ability to recognise and apply unique terminologies and glossaries to influence the translation output and create high-quality, personalised content, matching the target language perfectly.

Suitable for:

Product content
Product UI
Online help content


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Hybrid Machine Translation

Machine Translation Post-Editing* (MTPE) is a hybrid solution that integrates machine and human translation. A professional translator crosschecks and edits the machine translation output to ensure the content:

Communicates the same meaning as the source text
Is understandable to the reader
Syntax, grammar and punctuation quality varies depending on the MTPE level selected

*Light and full post-editing packages available with varied quality outcomes



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Selecting an MT solution

Once our team of experts assess your content, we will select a solution tailored to your needs.

We invest in machine translation solutions to ensure the highest quality outcomes for your business needs and using the latest advancements in AI to enable fast and effective translations. Continuous developments make our solutions accessible for a range of budgets and timeframes.

Quality and speed are two main factors differentiating between machine translation solutions:

Raw MT: Produces translated output quickly for information purposes only.

Custom MT: Focuses on producing customised output by integrating the client's terminology.

Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE):  Leverage MT in the translation workflow to enhance the productivity of a professional translator.


MT types

Enabling instant access to emergency and disaster alerts

In 2022, Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) selected 2M to develop, test and deliver an AI Translator Solution that interfaces with the EMV CALD-enabled app. 2M’s solution integrates language AI with a human-in-the-loop to translate and instantly deliver EMV's disaster alerts to Victorian CALD speakers.

2M trained several Machine Translation engines to configure an AI-driven solution that produced culturally sensitive output. 2M ensured the output's consistency by integrating a translation memory that leveraged EMV's terminology from past translations.

As testing revealed that some MT engines delivered more effective outputs for certain language pairs, 2M developed an MT aggregator solution to ensure the highest quality translation outcomes of EMV's emergency and disaster alerts.


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