Subtitling service

Our subtitles specialists can assist you in translating your video content in over 250+ languages.

Video subtitling service

For video translation services, 2M’s dedicated subtitling services unit provides captions and subtitling services for a wide array of video content ranging from corporate communications to social media or video marketing.

Our team of technical and creative translators is able to convey your technical video content or marketing video material with accuracy and cultural appropriateness so that it resonates with the target audience.

  • E-learning & training
  • Entertainment
  • Corporate communications & marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Virtual reality
  • Government

One key advantage of subtitling over voiceovers is the lower production cost, as no voice talents, audio studio or recording engineer are required. Furthermore, our subtitling services are a great way to offer translated video content online and in a variety of language options through popular video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.

Market leading subtitling technology

Our subtitling technology supports video captioning with automated features to enable quick, flexible and quality subtitles or captions for targeted international audiences.

Workflow automation & AI

Workflow automations are imbedded in our technology to simplify localisation processes and accelerate turnaround times. Automations present a cost-effective solution with associated enhancements in readability and understanding of subtitles. AI further expedites the subtitling process via speech recognition and speech-to-text.

Video Platform Integrations

API integrations instantly wipe out manual processes with the ability to automatically retrieve data from supported video platforms. Automating this process enhances productivity and eliminates the need to transfer video files.

Subtitling vs Captioning


Uses & limitations

Subtitles are typically kept to a maximum of two lines’ length and appear on the screen in sync with the audio and long enough for the viewer to be able to read them whilst they still take in the picture.

For a positive viewing experience, translations have to be kept concise to suit the audience’s reading speed. Subtitling services are particularly suited for videos that don’t already have a lot of text in the picture; otherwise, the video could become too text-heavy and the provided information too much for the viewer to process. In that case, we recommend using dubbing as an alternative. Check out our dubbing & voice-over services.

Subtitle formats

We can provide you with separate subtitle files that you can upload into your video platform so that viewers can turn them on or off or deliver you with the final video file(s) with burnt in or "hard-coded" subtitles which are always in view on the screen, these cannot be turned off.

  • SRT, WebVTT, PAC, STL...
  • Burnt in or hard-coded


We provide same language subtitles or more commonly called closed captions. These are ideal for social media videos often viewed in noisy environments.

Our close captioning service is also suitable for videos aimed at the hard of hearing of deaf audiences.

Expanding the reach of internal training content in a global company

  • Languages: Malay, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Indonesian, English, Vietnamese
  • Projects types: Subtitles for presentation materials

Bluescope is a global leader in steel products with a strong footprint in the APAC region and North America. Maintaining and improving the skills of its global workforce is essential to the company’s commitment to quality and its growth.

To make their training materials accessible in the 18 countries where they operate, 2M provided technical translations and subtitles and for their presentations in 6 languages.

Subtitling services Bluescope