Multilingual Web Conferencing

Meet globally, in your own language. 2M technology streams real-time interpretation into your virtual events.

Multilingual Web Conferencing Platform

2M enables multilingual virtual meetings & events with its multilingual web conferencing platform. 2M platform streams simultaneous language interpretation into your events and helps you provide a smooth user experience to all your participants. Our browser-based platform allows participants to attend your virtual event and listen to all speakers in their preferred language.

Participants, speaker(s) and interpreters may be based remotely, saving you substantial costs in travel fees and onsite equipment. Participants can easily switch between languages and view translated keynote material if available. Q&A scenarios are supported via live chat and/or through audio.

Our multilingual web conferencing solutions are perfect for:

  • Webinars
  • Online training
  • Online conferences
  • Virtual meetings
  • Stakeholder updates
  • Company announcements
  • Sales presentations
  • Product demos
  • Town Hall meetings

Discover AI interpreting

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AI interpreting can support live events, like conferences, meetings, and summits, in multiple languages and in real time. Whether you're hosting an international conference or negotiating with overseas stakeholders, our AI interpreting service captures every word, every time.

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Multilingual meetings reinvented

2M offers cloud-based solutions allowing people and businesses to meet more effectively, across geographic and language barriers.

Create access

Make your virtual events more accessible through language support. The result is an improved user experience that favours inclusiveness and multilingualism.

Our team of specialised simultaneous interpreters will help you take your meetings to the next level. We cover 250+ languages in various time zones and domain-specific subject matters thanks to our specialisation in key industries.

Flexible solutions

2M multilingual web conferencing solutions can be used as a standalone solution for your virtual event on combined with your existing platforms such as Webex or Microsoft Teams (when supported).

Furthermore, you can run a classic onsite event with 2M multilingual web conferencing platform so only the interpreters are joining remotely. This solution allows you to save on onsite equipment and interpreters' travel costs.


Our multilingual web conferencing solutions boast a range of features making your multilingual meetings & events more efficient while offering world-class user experience:

  • Live chat
  • Mobile application
  • Recording
  • Display translated slides
  • Relay interpreting
  • No additional software required
  • Encrypted audio/video
  • Real-time technical support
  • Polls
  • Document sharing
  • Screen sharing

Making global town hall meetings more inclusive

Languages: English, Spanish

Method of interpreting: Remote simultaneous interpreting via 2M multilingual web conferencing platform

On a regular basis, BHP's CEO along with executives address the company's global workforce in a town hall meeting Q&A session. The challenge for BHP was to make those virtual events more inclusive given BHP's operations overseas and specifically in Latin America.

Thanks to 2M's multilingual web conferencing platform, BHP was able to successfully run multilingual town hall meetings with the support of simultaneous English<>Spanish interpreters, making the event more engaging for Spanish speaking personnel. All parties were located remotely and joined from their computer or mobile devices.

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