AI Interpreting

Automated speech-to-speech translation solutions for events and customer contact centres.

Transform communication with AI interpreting

In the rapidly evolving world of global communication, the need for seamless, efficient, and scalable language access is becoming increasingly central to organisations with multilingual audiences. Our innovative AI Interpreting solutions are at the forefront of this revolution, offering effective and affordable solutions to support your stakeholders across multiple languages.

Whether you need to conduct an event in multiple languages with real-time language support or turn your contact centre workforce into multilingual agents, our real-time speech-to-speech translation solutions are here to help you engage with your multilingual audiences at scale.

Enterprise-ready AI with security at its core

As an ISO 27001:2013 certified organisation, the privacy and security of customers' data are paramount to our operations. Rest assured your data remains private and is never shared with other customers or third parties, aside from our trusted sub-processors who abate equally by stringent privacy standards.

Re-imagine multilingual CX with AI Interpreting

Our AI Interpreting services bring transformative change to customer contact centres. In today's multicultural societies, businesses must cater to a diverse clientele across many languages to offer best-in-class customer support and build loyalty. Our solution empowers real-time translation of telephone conversations.

AI technology designed for modern contact centres

Our solution relies on a mix of text and speech technologies and operates in a consecutive interpreting style making it ideal for conversational customer interactions. It's an elegant solution that can complement traditional telephone interpreter services for low-level and low-risk customer interactions. Imagine a customer service experience free from language constraints, where every customer can communicate effortlessly in their preferred language at any time. This not only enhances customer satisfaction but also streamlines operations and reduces the need for multilingual staff or additional telephone interpreter services, cutting down costs significantly.

Seamless IVR integration

Our conversational AI interpreting solution is optimised to plug into Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems making it ideal for telephone customer service interactions.


Our real-time speech-to-speech translation engine can be customised to support your organisation-specific terminology and style with custom glossaries and machine learning.

Cost effective

Our AI Phone Interpreting solution provides a way to add seamless language support to your contact centre whilst minimising the cost impact.

AI Interpreting for events: inclusive multilingual events that engage your audiences

Leveraging advanced AI interpreting technology, our dedicated multilingual web conferencing platform offers real-time speech-to-speech translation, emulating the capabilities of a simultaneous interpreter at a fraction of the cost. This innovative service ensures that your events are truly global, allowing participants from different linguistic backgrounds to engage meaningfully.

Our AI Interpreting for events solution supports:

checked  Fully virtual events

checked  Hybrid events

checked  Onsite events

Imagine hosting an international webinar, workshop, or summit where every attendee can listen and speak in their native language. Our AI-driven platform not only breaks down language barriers, but also fosters a more inclusive and engaging environment.

When to use AI interpreting?

Townhall meetings

AI interpreting can enhance accessibility to and engagement with townhall meetings. Since AI interpreting converts text into real-time speech, it can produce live captioning to support Deaf or hard of hearing participants.


Offering a cost-effective solution, AI interpreting increases accessibility to webinars at a fraction of the cost that traditional interpreting would. By streaming webinars in multiple languages, participants can better engage with the content. 

Workshops and corporate training

AI interpreting can enhance accessibility to and engagement with townhall meetings. Since AI interpreting converts text into real-time speech, it can produce live captioning to support Deaf or hard of hearing participants.

Conference presentations

AI interpreting changes the way conference presentations are delivered and received. Non-native participants can enjoy conference presentations in real-time, with AI interpreting working in the background to keep in time with the speaker. 

You can integrate our solution by using our dedicated multilingual web conferencing platform, leveraging one of our native integrations such as Microsoft Teams or by using our desktop and mobile apps.

Is AI interpreting for me?

AI interpreting has transformed communication across languages, making it seamless and accessible. However, it's crucial to identify situations where a human interpreter might be more suitable to ensure your communication is as effective as possible.

  • High-Profile Events: For events with significant importance or cultural sensitivity, the nuanced understanding and adaptability of a human interpreter can be indispensable. Their ability to convey subtleties and cultural contexts goes beyond the capabilities of AI.
  • Sensitive Customer Interactions: In scenarios requiring empathy and emotional connection, such as support for complex personal matters, the irreplaceable human touch of a skilled interpreter can make all the difference in customer experience.
  • Challenges with Rare Languages: AI relies on extensive data to function effectively. For less common languages with limited data, this can result in less accurate translations. In such cases, human expertise ensures clarity and precision.

Comprehensive language solutions tailored for you

Recognising these nuances, we offer a full suite of human professional interpreting services to complement our AI solutions. Our team is ready to consult with you to determine the best fit based on your specific requirements, ensuring optimal communication regardless of the scenario. Whether through the efficiency of AI or the nuanced understanding of human interpreters, our goal is to provide the perfect language solution for your needs.

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