Multilingual voice-over services

Foreign language voice-over services powered by native & professional voice actors.

Voice-over services in 250+ languages

Our voice-over services utilise foreign language voice talents from around the world to provide our customers with the most diverse and highest quality products available. Voice-over services and production is an integral part of language services, be it for corporate DVDs, radio or TV commercials or announcements, documentaries, movies, computer games, e-learning or any other audio-visual media.

At 2M we are known for our talents and multilingual voice-over services. All voice talents are native speakers and experienced language professionals. We also provide voices of trained actors and character voices.

Foreign language voice talents

We offer a broad range of European, Asian, African and Indigenous languages as well as different English accents for multicultural marketing purposes. Our talent from around the world provides our customers with the most diverse and highest quality voice-over products available. Below we have included a range of voice samples for you to listen to. After clicking on the link to the sample, the sound file will start playing in the Audio Player. You may need to allow a few seconds for it to load.

  • A variety of original foreign language voices
  • 250+ languages & dialects
  • Native speaker quality
  • Regional accents available
  • Competitive pricing & fast turnaround

Listen to a variety of samples or please contact us to arrange for a language sample to be sent to you via email. All formats supported, and edited audio files are delivered securely. We also produce audio files in oral languages (e.g. Indigenous and some African and Asian languages) and in languages where the target audience may be partly illiterate. Please check a range of Indigenous recordings on our YouTube Channel here.

Listen to our voice samples

We have a number of native male & female voice actors. The list below is not exhaustive, please contact us if you would like to explore more voice options.

Male voice-over samples

Female voice-over samples

Enabling localised & natural sounding voice for text-to-speech applications

  • Languages: English (Australian)
  • Project type: Voice-over of TTS service for AWS clients

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech, allowing you to create applications that talk and build entirely new categories of speech-enabled products. Polly's Text-to-Speech (TTS) service uses advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize natural sounding human speech. With dozens of lifelike voices across a broad set of languages, you can build speech-enabled applications that work in many different countries.

2M provides the voice-over service behind the Australian English version of Polly enabling application developers targeting Australia to add a local voice experience in their products.

Amazon Web Services