Video Remote Interpreting

Access video remote interpreting services on-demand or pre-scheduled in over 250 languages.

Connect virtually, face-to-face

Video remote interpreting (VRI) allows you to see and talk to an interpreter without being in the same room, city or even country. It provides the closest experience to onsite interpreting services without the inconveniences. By using 2M lingo VRI, you are able to access services and information previously unavailable due to location, limited access to interpreters or time constraints.

With access to our network of 2,000+ NAATI-certified video interpreters network, you can address your language needs in minutes via remote interpreting. Book an interpreter or send a call query to the system to see if a matching interpreter is available.

Interact more efficiently with video remote interpreting

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) helps people interact more personally than traditional Over the Phone interpreting owing to the visual context and cues. 2M lingo offers a smooth video call experience while eliminating the hassle of travel time, mileage fees and wait time that are often associated with in-person interpreting. Getting started with our video remote interpreting services is easy- all you need is Internet access, a mobile device or computer and a webcam; there’s no expensive equipment to rent or purchase.

With exceptionally high-resolution video and audio connection, you’ll be able to see and hear the interpreter as if they were right next to you in the room! Our video remote interpreting services are also very useful in performing remote interpreting sessions in sign language (Auslan - Australian Sign Language) for deaf audiences where a visual signal is required.

Video remote interpreting is a great solution for many industries. From business to healthcare and education, VRI provides a unique opportunity to connect your clients and community.

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Scheduled or on demand

Pre-book or access video interpreters on demand in less than 90 seconds via our browser-based or mobile apps

Platform Integrations

2M lingo integrates seamlessly with Zoom, existing web conferencing platforms and video telehealth software for maximum flexibility and usability. 

Group conference calls

Multilingual group conferences with up to four people.  Speak in your language, while an interpreter facilitates the conversation with the other participants.

High resolution

1080p resolution video, and more than 30 FPS for optimum image sharpness and clarity. High resolution video limits distractions to support uninterrupted conversations.

Custom routing

Control how calls are routed whether you want to use exclusively a set of dedicated interpreters or wish to prioritise interpreters based on their level of certification.


Access Auslan interpreters at your fingertips, with VRI providing full accessibility to interpreting services for hard-of-hearing individuals. 

Access our video interpreters from anywhere

Browser calling

Access our video interpreting services from your computer. Select your language combination and get connected to a video interpreter in minutes or enter a pre-scheduled video interpreting session.

Mobile apps

Use our 2M lingo mobile apps (available in the iOS app store and Google Play) to access video interpreters on the go or in setups where you don't have access to a computer.

Through your preferred app

Already have a preferred video platform? Our interpreters can join meetings on your platform or we can explore integration options with our system.

Delivering one-click healthcare interpreting

Our interpreting platform, 2M lingo™, is integrated with global telehealth solution, Coviu. With the 2M lingo™ add-on in Coviu or HealthDirect Video Call, you can quickly and reliably access 2M NAATI-certified and specialist health interpreters on demand in one click. In fast-paced industries like the healthcare industry, urgent access to in-language support can save lives. 2M lingo™ is available 24/7 in 250+ languages including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, allowing you to focus on providing quality care to patients in times of emergency. Used by general practitioners & specialists, allied health practitioners, manual therapy practitioners, and mental health practitioners.

  • Add an On Demand interpreter to your telehealth call without prior booking
  • Ability to strictly request a female or a male interpreter.
  • Ability to redial the same interpreter within 2 minutes after call ends
  • Ability to capture information fields in customisable forms before starting calls for flexible data reporting.
  • HIPPA compliant and end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to keep your data safe and secure
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