WordPress Localisation & Translation

Simplify your WordPress site translation with our WPML connector.

Seamless WordPress website translation

Are you looking at localising your WordPress website to reach diverse audiences and international target markets? The WPML plugin is the industry-leading tool to translate and localise WordPress sites into various languages.

Fortunately, our website translation service is fully integrated with the WPML plugin allowing you to send content for translation in a few clicks within your WordPress back end!

The WPML plugin

WPML is a very powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to turn your WordPress CMS into a multilingual website to be able to serve visitors with content in various languages. By using WPML you can translate and manage all your multilingual content within one WordPress installation without having to create separate entities and thus saving you internal workload.

WPML can translate almost any type of content in WordPress including pages, posts, menus, shortcodes, plugins... It is a user-friendly platform that requires no coding or programming skills to use and it comes with a powerful built-in translation management tool.

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2M WPML integration

Integrating our translation service with WPML

WPML enables you to connect your WordPress website to our translation service allowing you to send content for translation directly from the WPML translation management tool in your WordPress site.


  • No need to export/import files
  • Full control over what content is to be translated
  • Streamlined localisation process and faster delivery times
  • Minimising internal workload and time-saving
  • Ease of maintaining multilingual versions with dynamic content

Get Started with WPML

To start using WPML and translate your WordPress site with 2M, download the WPML plugin here, then check out our step-by-step article on how to integrate your WordPress site with our translation service and send content for translation.

If you have any questions before getting started or during the process, please contact us.

Request your WPML token

To use 2M Language Services as a translation service, you will need to activate your product first using an API token.

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