Professional German Translation & Interpreting Services

Tailor-made German translation and interpreting solutions.

Unlock business potential in Europe's largest economy

As leaders in automotive, manufacturing, electrical equipment, and chemical industries, translation and interpreting into German is highly sought after for global industry players. At 2M, our goal is simple- redirect the focus on successful international expansion with speed and accuracy. With access to native speaking, professional German translators and subject matter experts, we guarantee the technical expertise to provide a truly tailored approach to your needs.

20+ years' experience delivering translation projects, interpreting and video & audio localisation services into German demonstrates 2M's deep understanding of the German-speaking market and industry-specific audiences. We turn our understanding into results with linguistic resources, cutting-edge technologies, and highest industry quality processes under our belt. With the addition of advanced AI translation workflows, integrated via machine translation and translation memory, we can deliver consistent, efficient, and high quality language services in German.

AI-driven workflows similarly powered the development of the 2M On Demand and 2M lingo™, now enabling easy access to on-demand German translations and scheduled or on-demand access to onsite, over the phone, or video remote German interpreters.

Automotive Production

Germany is globally recognised for its automotive engineering excellence. Vehicles like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen are renowned for their agility, safety and reliability, thanks to the finest engineering. For players in Germany's automotive industry, international presence is synonymous with success.

Global expansion is only possible with truly authentic and technically accurate documentation, conversation and marketing. With mechanical experts and native speaking German linguists on our side, we can help German automotive companies expand and maintain their servicing beyond their borders, or similarly international companies break into the German automotive market.

Machinery & Equipment

Germany is a world leading supplier of machinery, occupying 14.2% of global trade. This makes Germany one of the most attractive markets to international operators in the machinery and equipment industry. 2M has worked closely with many companies to help them successfully enter and maintain their presence in the German market- Rheinmetall is one of 2M's top clients.

In a highly competitive market where the health and safety of industry workers is crucial, we understand the importance of error-free translated documents. 2M offers expert linguists to ensure documents are both appropriately translated and understandable to the target audience.

Energy & Environment

Germany's research and development in environmental technologies has earned it a place as leader in the green economy. Rapid environmental evolution gives rise to new opportunities and challenges for international companies to claim their spot in the market. To be successful, companies need to produce content that hooks customers and maintains interest. 2M can help communicate your competitive edge through technical or marketing content.

Meet some of our clients

2M works with many organisations to scale their multilingual content. Our clients requiring language services in German operate in public and private sectors, with many based in Germany.

German translation service

2M provides expert German translation services across all industries and corporate and government entities. We hand-pick translators with subject matter expertise matching your project requirements to ensure the highest quality outcomes and use of terminology.

Corporate translation services

2M specialises in engaging German customers across leading industries with accurately translated documents. Success in the corporate translation banks on expert translators, who understand the target market to convey the message of the source file into German in a way that will resonate. With a top-tier team of professional German translators at our fingertips, and 20+ years translating in corporate industries to rely on, we can assure the highest quality corporate translation solution.

Government translation services

Trusted by many Australian government departments and agencies, including the Department of Health, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and more, 2M brings a wealth of experience to official government affairs. 2M works closely with local, professionally certified translators to deliver government documents to German speakers. With an understanding for preferred tone, format and language style among government agencies and departments, 2M is well-equipped to exceed your expectations. Supported by stringent linguistic quality assurance processes, we can assure you that your documents will be culturally appropriate for the German market.

Discover our range of German translation services

German document translation

Our NAATI-certified German translators are subject matter experts in industry-specific technical translation, including but not limited to equipment and machinery manuals, training and safety guides, financial reports, and medical documents. Our German translation solutions are adaptable to document requirements and preferred delivery file format.

2M German translators are experts in the following industries:

  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining & Resources
  • Banking & Finance
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Government
  • Agribusiness & Food
  • International Education
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German personal document translation

If you need to translate your personal German documents into English, 2M has a self-service solution ready for immediate use. For quick, cost-effective, and government-approved NAATI-certified translations, our personal document service covers: 

  • Birth certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Family name change
  • First name change
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • National ID
  • German Baptism Certificate
  • German Education Certificate
  • German Employment Certificate
  • German Passport
  • EU Drivers Licence
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Accessible on the AcudocX platform, this service enables you to quickly match the source document elements with the English equivalent. Once complete, a NAATI-certified German to English translator will review the translation and return the certified English document in as little as 24-48 hours.

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German website translation & localisation

With 3 out of 4 internet users more likely to purchase on websites in their native language, translating your website into German is one way to make your mark in the German-speaking market and expand your buyer base. 2M localises your website to appeal the German market and promote great user experience. We combine NAATI-certified translation with machine translation to ensure your website not only reads well in German, but also attracts the right buyers, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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German software & app translation

There are many technical and regional differences to consider when translation software applications. At 2M, we streamline the process to enable smooth and effective software translation into German. Our full-service approach begins with a strategy consultation to understand your pain points, expectations and deadlines and ends with final testing of the German software version. We leverage smart workflows and advanced tools to localise menus, dialog boxes, buttons in a software user interface, online help, printed documentation and other accompanying files for the German market.

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German video game localisation

Discover the potential of your video games on an international scale. 2M provides professional translation and localisation of any video game for the German market. As the largest video game market in Europe and the fifth largest market in the world, the opportunities of business expansion in Germany are rife. Thanks to gaming industry experts, we can create customised workflows to ensure your game looks and operates seamlessly for German gamers. Our video game solution goes beyond the words of the game, allowing considerations for language-specific layout, cultural nuances, regional expressions and idioms, and image content.

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Interpreting Services

2M's German interpreters have subject matter expertise in a range of industries to deliver high quality, precise interpretation services tailored onsite, over the phone or video remote requests.

Onsite German interpreting

2M on-site interpreters are here to help you bridge communication gaps, create connections and provide important information to German-speaking employees, audiences and customers.

Consecutive interpreting

Ideal for one-on-one conversations and small groups, 2M can provide German interpreters trained in consecutive interpreting to appear onsite. In consecutive interpreting, one party speaks and allows for a pause while the interpreter speaks. This cycle repeats throughout the duration of the conversation and enables clear communication between the interpreter and involved parties.

Simultaneous interpreting

Common at conferences, large-scale meetings and events, the interpreter and speaker talk simultaneously. In this case, parties can speak naturally without breaks or pauses.

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Web Conferencing Platform

2M's web conference platform allows you to run multilingual meetings one-on-one or full-scale conferences and events in German. With professional German interpreters present in every virtual meeting, you can speak or present in your native language while your audience can engage in German, or any other language. Our platform supports two-way, uninterrupted meetings supported by simultaneous language interpretation.

Our multilingual web conferencing solutions are perfect for:

  • Webinars
  • Online training
  • Online conferences
  • Virtual meetings
  • Stakeholder updates
  • Company announcements
  • Sales presentations
  • Product demos
  • Town Hall meetings
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Powering precise multilingual communication through technology

Human-powered translators and interpreters lie at the heart of 2M's language service offering, but with considered application of language technologies, 2M can speed up translation delivery time, streamline workflows, provide the highest content security, and offer a range of virtual interpreting delivery modes. Trusted by 1000+ clients, we only use the best-of-breed language technologies to service our clients.

Machine translation

Our German translation service is supported by cleverly integrated AI-driven workflows to advance global content strategy. 2M uses next-generation machine translation in tandem with human translators to support large-volume German translations and cut costs.

Machine translation comes hand-in-hand with workflow automations, which improve productivity and help save on project management time. In today's interconnected and fast-paced world, we can simplify the translation process with clever automations that speed up the delivery time without compromising on quality.

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Translation Memory

2M's Translation Memory (TM) operates to reduce your cost per project by identifying and applying text segments, sentences or paragraphs from your previous projects to new projects. Over time, the translation memory learns client-specific tone and terminology and suggests re-use if the word or phrase appears in the current project.

As a smart database, TM supports on-time delivery of projects by drastically reducing the manpower required to manually translate repeat content. By understanding each client's specific language and tonal preferences, TM improves the quality and consistency of translations.

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On demand translation app

The 2M On Demand translation app is a testament to our modern agile translation services. As part of our German translation service, 2M On Demand allows you to translate short, urgent messages in record time. AI and Neural Machine Translation work collaboratively with the human linguist to improve productivity and support fast delivery of high quality output. On the 2M On Demand app, you can request short translations wherever you are to and from German, and many other languages.

Download for free from the App Store or Google Play. Also accessible via online browser.

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Governed by best industry practices

2M's ISO certificates outline industry-standard level provision of translation and interpreting services supported by advanced data protection and quality management systems.


ISO 17100:2015 Translation Services

Quality German translation depends on access to qualified linguistic resources and adherence to industry-level standards. ISO 17100:2015 outlines requirements for core processes, resources, and other aspects to meet this standard. 2M is certified under ISO 17100:2015 to provide a German translation service that meets our client's specifications thanks to expert translation capabilities, processes and resources.

ISO 18841:2018 Interpreting Services

2M provides ISO 18841:2018 standard interpreting services in German and 250+ other languages. This industry-standard specifies requirements and recommendations in the provision of interpreting services across all delivery modes- in-person, over-the-phone and video remote.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

2M consistently provides quality German translation, interpreting and video localisation services that meet client and regulatory requirements as per the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standard. From general content to technical content in automotive, manufacturing and medical industries, 2M guarantees to deliver consistently high results.

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System

Client information security is our highest priority at 2M. With robust processes and frameworks in place that satisfy the ISO 27001:2013 requirements, 2M confidently protects sensitive client information, IP and confidential German language projects. Our model framework similarly identifies, manages and reduces risks to client information security.

Contact us to book a consultation

Talk to us about our German translation service and German interpreters. Follow the link below to get a quote. Simply tell us more about your project requirements and any preferences you may have and one of our project managers will be in touch.


Does 2M offer German localisation?

Yes. German is a language spoken in many different regions, and therefore there are many dialects. We take the time to understand your target market and purpose to ensure your content is appropriately and professionally localised. It's generally recommended to localise into 'hoch Deutsch' or 'high German', as the standard version of German. However, culturally what works in one part of Germany is not going to work in another, and we take this into account to make sure your content resonates. 

How do I know I'm working with a professional German translator or interpreter?

For all languages, 2M only engages translators and interpreters with 3+ years working in the field. Many 2M translators and interpreters are also NAATI-certified or hold country-specific certifications. This enables us to provide the best-suited linguists for any assignment.

2M strictly only assigns subject matter experts for technically advanced jobs. This is to ensure your content is expertly handled with care.

How do I book a German interpreter?

If you have never booked a German interpreter with us before, contact our project management team. We will set up a call to learn about your requirements and explain the process. If you require ongoing interpreting services or flexible over the phone or video remote options, our project team will set you up in our easy-to-use 2M lingo™ interpreting app. 

Does 2M offer a same-day service?

For personal documents to translate into or from German, we offer a 24-48 service after receiving the source documents. Large projects can also be serviced, however an urgency loading may apply. 

Urgent over the phone or video remote interpreting requests can be serviced via the 2M lingo app. Your job will be matched as soon as an interpreter fitting your criteria is available.

We service urgent and short translation requests on the 2M On Demand app in up to 60 minutes.