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Last Friday, 2M General Manager Susanne Creak had the pleasure of attending a breakfast with the Honourable Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graham Quirk, and further representatives from his Office, alongside other invited representatives from Brisbane based businesses. In the setting of one of the recently restored venue rooms in City Hall, the Lord Mayor briefed his guests on current and upcoming developments and plans for the Queensland capital. He thereby touched on business opportunities and challenges around the upcoming G20 leaders’ summit, presented recent videos from the city’s marketing campaigns “Give me Brisbane Any Day” and “Choose Brisbane”, and welcomed feedback and input from the group.

Our River City has been home to 2M’s Head Office since December 2006, so we are particularly proud to serve as a regular provider of translations and language services for Brisbane City Council, and to contribute this way to the city’s strong language policy and its commitment to its CALD communities. And we are of course grateful for having had the opportunity to catch up personally with the Lord Mayor, his team, and the other Brisbane businesses.

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