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The language service industry is rich and diverse. From translators, interpreters, project managers, consultants, to developers, there are many moving parts and domains of expertise. This year we will endeavour to interview some of our industry peers to share their experience with us and bring the spotlight on those who are helping to break language and communication barriers,

Jonathan Beagley, Freelance translator

Jonathan is a professional and NAATI Certified French into English translator and Spanish into English translator. A native English speaker, Jonathan was born in Taiwan to English-speaking parents. After a few years in Taiwan, his family moved to the United States where he spent the majority of his childhood. Besides Taiwan and the United States, he has lived in France and now Australia. He is fluent in French and has been studying it for over ten years.

Jonathan has been interested in languages from a young age and devoured books as a child. He was exposed to a variety of languages early on, and he quickly developed a particular interest in French. He studied French throughout secondary school and eventually went on to study it at Michigan State University. Jonathan picked up Spanish, Portuguese and Occitan—and dictionaries for half a dozen more languages—along the way.

Jonathan moved to France to teach English before going on to complete a M1 ReLAI Recherches linguistiques et applications informatiques (Grad. Dip. in Linguistics Research and Computational Applications) at Université de Bordeaux III (University of Bordeaux III) in 2013.

In 2015, he completed a Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Upon completion, he obtained accreditation as a French-English translator and French<>English interpreter. He has been working as a translator for over five years and recently obtained NAATI Certification for the Spanish to English language pair.

To learn more about Jonathan, visit his website: https://www.jonathanbeagley.com/


Find below the audio recording of the interview between our team and Jonathan.

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