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Tea in Monaco at function 1

Rupert & Annabel Myer and John Wylie & Myriam Boisvouvier had the pleasure of staging a stunning cocktail party viewing of TABA NABA on Friday evening 1st July in Monaco. Our CEO Tea Dietterich travelled from the 2M Paris office to Nice and on to Monaco to join the private viewing and mix and mingle with Australia’s expat community, Australian visiting scientists including Tim Flannery and spend time with curator Patrick Piguet and Paris based art dealer Stephane Jacob and Brisbane Indigenous Gallery Owner Suzanne O’Connell to experience this extra ordinary exhbition. Tea has been working behind the scenes to support the exhibition at a corporate level and the 2M team has been providing the catalogue and other associate translations and language services.

Aboriginal and Oceanic art is being showcased at Taba Naba, a major exhibition on the theme of oceans and water, taking place at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and one of the highlights of the summer season in the Principality. The theme is being approached from varying perspectives thanks to the participation of many artists.

There are three complementary sections, developed with three prominent partners from this unique art form.

Australia: Defending the Oceans at the Heart of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Art

by Stéphane Jacob

The first section will be dedicated to the creation and presentation of six monumental installations created by fifty leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, who, through their works, raise a cry of alarm against the pollution of the oceans. Far from taking a dark approach to these environmental issues, the artists address them with humour and subtlety. This first chapter has been designed as a fairy tale. These works of monumental size, exhibited both inside and outside the museum, will give visitors the sensation of being transported into Alice’s Underwater Wonderland.

Living Waters, the Sordello & Missana Collection

by Erica Izett

Living Waters presents a selection of contemporary Aboriginal paintings from the Sordello & Missana Collection as well as works of Australian artists invited to illustrate the intercultural themes of the exhibition and their relationship to water. In addition, one of the highlights of the exhibition, a video and photographic installation by a collective of young and famous Aboriginal artists poses questions of the sacred and profane and opens a window onto new contemporary art practices.

Paintings from the private collection of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco are also exhibited.

Oceania islanders: past masters in sea navigatation and artistic expression

by Didier Zanette

Bringing the Pacific Islander vision together with those of Australian Aborigines, displaying similarities as well as differences, such is the purpose of this voyage across these works of past and present. Didier Zanette will focus on the cultural relationships that Pacific peoples have with the sea, through a presentation of traditional navigational objects, objects of prestige from the Solomon Islands, a series of Papuan portraits and a set of large-scale Baining marine animal representations.

Tea in Monaco at function 1

Art Dealer Suzanne O’Connell, Museum Curator Patrick Piguet, 2M CEO Tea DietterichTea in Monaco at function 3

Tea Dietterich and Tim Flannery

Tea in Monaco at function 2

Tim Flannery, Professorial Fellow of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne and named Australian of the Year in 2007, is an Australian mammalogist, palaeontologist, environmentalist and global warming activist.

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